Snobbish women as smarter and more talented

This was my note

I would always say, “Ay, masipag lang ‘yan sila,” when most suplada women are achievers more than nice women. They are more admired than those who are really respected not for their looks, but for their ethical actions. I really don’t know why most actresses who are controversial and suplada, maldita are talented, and improve more in acting than those who are really nice in real life (take note that most nice actors/actresses are better villains). Is it because they look up to Wendy Valdez (she has cleaned up her act now), who was suplada yet talented? I’m sure I have to call this as “Wendy’s Effect” due to the fact that people who are less approachable act more professional.

I want to ask God why this happens. Why do most suplada women are not only smart and talented, but also chosen by demurely-nice and sweet men? There are many other women out there, why them? Why is life so unfair, that most suplada women are given more chances and opportunities? Is this because the more the suplada, the more the respectable? I strongly disagree with this fact, because truth is, most suplada women get away with everything. While those feisty women who are actually behaved in real life are criticized, why can’t people do the same to those with attitude problem? Hmm, I wonder why people do that, but if you think those with attitude problem are “frank and feisty,” you’re wrong. You know who I am pertaining to, but yeah.

I noticed that the more the suplada, the smarter and more talented. Ask the former know-it-alls. They don’t want to hear those things, but this “tomboy genius” that I’m always lambasting my whole entire life, was forgiven by me myself. I understand why: She’s a know-it-all, and usually, intelligent women are know-it-alls. I know she has changed. It wasn’t the real her before, but y’know, I understood that. Ang babaw naman kung murahin ko pa siya ng murahin na parang wala lang.

I was wondering. Most suplada women are really given more chances, but inner beauty? Well, people are intimidated by them because they don’t seem approachable at all. Truth is, the reason why they’re smarter and more talented is because, arrogance is the only way that will make them feel more superior. They think humility is a sign of weakness. Wait, was Kate Winslet arrogant? I never heard anything bad from her, although she’s a really good actress. Take Claire Danes as the suplada but talented actress. She’s one example of an actress who shows the “Wendy Effect” and also, she proves that right, but well, that was before.

One example of a nice celebrity whose talent is rarely heard is no other than Nicole Richie. She plays the violin and she sings, but why is her talent not noticed, aside from being a socialite? She’s a socialite, but why is her BFF Paris Hilton’s album more recognized?

The “Wendy Effect” proves that right. Arrogance will make you feel superior. Nicole Richie is down-to-earth, so it’s no doubt that her talent is not recognized. If you so happen to be ambitious, arrogance should always be there. Wait…

Anne Curtis is one example of an ambitious but down-to-earth actress. No wonder why she improved late. You’ll never ever hear some gossips that she’s mean or at least, a warfreak. She’s really an ethical woman with class.

How people reacted

Sly said, “They get what they want.”

Roxy supports, “They do it in different ways possible.

Answer: YES, I agree.

Well, it’s true, by the way.

The supporting argument

Well, “Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig” starrs two guys, namely Papa Piolo and Echo, together with their leading ladies Maricar Reyes and AA Klenk (aka Germs! HAHAHA Roxy’s statement supports the term! Nyaaaark!).

Heto lang masasabi ko: AA Klenk’s acting is decent, but I really don’t find her a really great actress. Now why was she received an award in Seoul? Simple: Eva Fonda. Well, what comes in to mind is this: Yuck, bastos.

Here’s the catch: I would simply compare her to Megan Fox, who keeps on objectifying herself… and the only thing is, Megan’s not a good actress. Worse, she’s not a decent actress. And to make things much more than worse? Megan’s boobjob, lip job and nose job is quite obvious… however, the good side is that, Megan has admitted her boob job, stating that “I want to have Salma Hayek’s boobs.” It should also be taken note that Megan Fox herself is more dissed because of excessive cussing. Well, does cussing make you look sexy? People will call you a pornstar if you do that.

Why do people think AA Klenk’s a damn good actress? WELL, she’s only good in being the Maria Ozawa of the Philippines, but thing is, Ozawa’s not being treated as a sex toy; people look up to her with respect. Why? Maria Ozawa never manifested a mean and rude behavior, and she seemed quite friendly in interviews.

Yes, that’s right. Ozawa may be the “butt of jokes” or something that sounds “bastusin” to the guys, but she was never branded as a “hubadera” despite being a real pornstar. Although she once said that she was sexually active, at least you won’t hear bad things against her (unlike Nozomi Sasaki, who was accussed of calling other models “fat”).

Real pornstars like the examples of Maria Ozawa never received bad comments simply because she isn’t mean and rude at the same time, I repeat. Also, I never heard people saying that she’s “arrogant.” Maybe because she’s in Japan, and the rest is history.

Conclusion: Maria Ozawa PWNZ AA Klenk in terms of respect.

Define Holiness

You wanna be a holy person? Live your life like Jesus Christ did—simplify your lifestyle, exercise EQUAL TREATMENT regardless of age, race, gender, and societal status, promote Christian values to those who should have that, realize that money is nothing but a tangible thing that lacks eternal value, take off NEPOTISM and CRONYISM, and prevent yourself from establishing tyranny as well as engaging/usuing occult stuff if you don’t wanna go to hell. Plain and Simple.

THIS is, the definition of being a saint.

Well, if Angelina Jolie is hailed as a saint, I’m sorry, but NO. Angelina Jolie lived a very extravagant lifestyle, just because of her charity work and her movies. The only reason why she was hailed as a saint (not to mention she’s compared to Mother Teresa) is because of her charity work and adopting kids. Well, that doesn’t have to make her a saint. But infairness to her, she respects each and every religion, and she believed that her children have the right to choose their faith.

However, the quote above is Roxy’s way of explaining her thoughts about sainthood. In Christian Living, teachers will explain it the same way. Living a simple life and giving up the luxuries in life WILL exactly make you “holy.”

Alright, to be honest with you, holding a rosary or being close to a servant of God won’t make you holy. Even though let’s say that you’re really very close to Mother Teresa, well, that won’t make you holy, either. This is one lesson that everyone should learn from Roxy, because she knows what “saint” really means, in her own words and POV, that is. For me, being a saint means that you simply serve God, whether you’re a nun or not. Like, look at the saints who were once married! They showed their love for God by loving their spouses! Well, if they live a simple life, that should qualify them.

But in the case of the oligarchs? Well, here’s another account:

Some say that during the time of Marcos, the economy started to decline. Prior to that, the Philippines is second to Japan in terms of economy. After the Marcos regime, the Aquino Administration after the Edsa I revolution everything started to worsen. There are many coup d’etat everywhere…

This doesn’t necessarily mean that imperialism of the Americans didn’t even hinder us from that situation… however, the thing is, Filipinos are overzealous about their pride, only if someone else criticizes their country. Compare the overzealousness to the Koreans, at least the Koreans do their job seriously, without looking back.

It should be also taken note that the Haciena Luisita is a very controversial topic. Having read Roxy’s Multiply, she showed all the flaws of the oligarchs. Well, the best leaders surely are the most hated, but why do they earn respect only after their term?

To be honest with you, it should also be taken note that Marcos was sick during the time Ninoy was assassinated. Why was the blame stoned to Marcos? Why do people have to blame the incident to someone who’s sick? It was actually, another person who planned for the assassination. Ninoy only became a hero simply because he was assassinated, due to his tactlessness and loudness. Do you think I’m too judgmental? People who have political ambition do receive death threats, but come to think of it, most people who are oligarchs support the sentiments of the elite, not the working class or the poor people.

The reason why some countries are poor: Overpopulation, corruption, backward conservatism (hindrance due to some religious sects intervening with the decisions of the government), overzealousness, crab mentality… name it all! Things like English vs. Filipino debate and multiculturalism shouldn’t be the reasons why the Philippines is poor. China is also a multicultural country, however, it only becomes homogenous due to traditional beliefs, and everything. However, China’s economy became a boom because of cheap labor. Name their brands: Lenovo, Huawei, Aigo. The only thing is that, the industrial sector clones a lot of fakes (well, which is actually one of my pet peevies because I’m concerned with the quality, and producing electronic goods is a serious job, not just a joke). I think they should focus on their original brands.

BACK TO Holiness

So, I named those things to economic development vs. poverty, but this time, I would go back to holiness.

So, naming Cory Aquino as a saint… and the mother of democracy. Well, NOT even my history professor would believe that. Not even momma. NOT even those who think that PNoy and Kris are simply annoyances.

To quote Roxy again (via Multiply):

Cory Aquino is the ultimate farmer-hater! Her family is a sakada suppressors! Hindi magtataka na magte-take place ang Mendiola Massacre, which has killed 17 protesting farmers seeking for a parcel of land to farm with. It was during her time when the Philippines turned into a crap-dom. Prices of basic commodities started to increase. Lahat ng programa ni Marcos sa lahat ng mahihirap sinira ni Cory. Paano naman kasi, nagve-vendetta. Hahahahha!

And as i’ve found out about Ninoy Aquino, he is just a pompous jerk! Ubod daw ng yabang, and according to my former colleague, during field trips panay ang yabang ni Ninoy na siya daw ang nagpagawa ng ganito ganyan. Worse, he is a communist. Is he whom we should call a hero when he himself also, is a power-hungry person?

The sad truth lies here. To make things clear, Marcos was sick, another person did plan for the assassination of Ninoy, and last but not least, the oligarchy is starting to worsen the condition of the economy.

Eh, papano naman kasi, eh. Isa pa sa mga factors ng poverty ay ang excessive politics. Kung mas dominant ang politics kesa sa ekonomiya at agham ng bansa, sa’n tayo pupulutin?

We cannot regard someone like this as a saint or a hero. Nobody has spoken out about February 25. As in, wala talaga. Nobody has thought of celebrating it simply because, there’s nothing significant about it.

PS: Yes, Cory Aquino lived a simple life, however, we still cannot judge whether she was really the one we did not expect on the inside. At least, for the younger generation.

My thoughts about Dara, aka Ms. Krung-Krung

Alright, Dara… 다라!|Oh no she does NOT!

Sandara Park? Oh, if people used to dislike her because she is beautiful without any talent, well, that was when she was only being over-hyped by ABS-CBN. However, she never ever had an issue about being snob in person.

Well, halata naman sa hitsura niya, eh. She’s really nice, you just have to look at her aura. Compared to her other counterparts, yes, she is not only chosen for her Korean looks, but also for her sense of humor.

Humor? Where’s the humor?

Sandara Park is more likeable than any other stars, NOT even Kim Chiu would surpass that. Also, Dara’s a down-to-earth person with a low-profile record. How’s that? For some who think she’s “annoying,” some people would admire her because of the way she projected herself, without effort.

What makes Sandara Park more spectacular than Kim Chiu is that, she’s not a cunt, and she is decently waif-thin, unlike the skeletal Kim Chiu, athough I have nothing against Kim Chiu. What I don’t like in Kim is her scary skeletal figure! Yuck! There are some waif-thin people out there who don’t look scary-thin, why Kim CHOO!?

No one celebrates February 25, aka PPI, EDSA UNO

I also don’t believe that Pres. Cory Aquino is the mother of democracy. Siya ba ‘yung naging pioneer to create that sort of idea? Well, NO. It’s the Greeks who thought about that.

So, everyone was thinking if Ninoy is really a hero. For me, he’s only outspoken. Now why’s he on the 500 peso bill?

I have nothing against the Cojuanco-Aquino couple. Actually, I don’t feel PNoy as the President of the Philippines.

Now what is significant about the People Power One? Well, I have realized that there’s no democracy apparent. It’s oligarchy. I repeat: Oligarchy.

Tita Cory can’t be at-par with democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Why, nakulong ba ang mga Aquino simply because of rebelling against Marcos’ regime? Napatay lang si Ninoy, but… well, I really can’t judge.

I think if there’s no one stopping Marcos, I think we’d be a very rich country. Or at least, a HIGH middle income one.

I think oligarchy (combined with imperialism!) is the most dangerous form of government. At least, for the majority of the masa.

A rant-free blog and its importance

Ranting is one of the things we usually do when we disagree about a certain situation. For instance, why was PNoy elected as president? If we think that he was voted for his lineage, well, not really. He was elected because his aim is to eliminate or at least reduce corruption.

We rant at the situation about PNoy’s victory is because he is “showbiz.” It may seem true, but taking a look at his “servants'” performance, they do quite well compared to CGMA’s “servants.”

Ranting and its dangers

We may rant as many times as we would like to, but the only side effect is this: There are some waiting to diss your blog because they think that you’re a spitfire. It’s not bad to be a spitfire, for as long as you don’t manifest attitude problem. To be a spitfire is to manifest feistiness in a comedic manner. Remember when I lambasted one of the most famous blogger/artists in the Philippines because of that. Well, it isn’t new to me, but I could no longer stand it. Being a spitfire while garnering fame and/or recognition may question spectators: You may have been famous because of a celebrity relative or because of your own talent, but being a spitfire while being well-known by name is a big no-no. How could everyone appreciate you as a person? Think about it, being irritable might ruin your career.

Reply at least once, or twice

The most respectable bloggers do not rant like a spitfire. Of course, thinking that they might be misunderstood, they’d rather NOT do that. If Felice Fawn was ranting like a spitfire, well, not anymore. She has cleaned up her act, but some are questioning her credibility. Do you think she deserves respect as a well-known model/artist?

The most respectable blogger I’d say would be the person who at least replies to your messages. Those who don’t, might be misunderstood or may have a “nice face” on the outside. Well, I really don’t know, but for me, replying to someone’s messages means that you wave back.

Well, this would only be the reason why Felice Fawn is no longer snobbish in my POV.