Good morning everyone!

I was thinking about separating my life in the original blog to THIS blog… since I really don’t want to have a bad reputation, that I rant things, even though it’s a “pro” blog… what I mean is that, my rants should appear professional.

These would be my future blog posts:

1.) Bloghopping through Roxy’s blogs: A brief introduction

Remember Roxy, the one who rants things about K-Pop and her favorite bands? She’s also a random person, and I find her posts interesting… well, I do appreciate people who do not speak like a boring person and make things really err… make you curious.

2.) Celebrity Chizmax

Of course, this is my most favorite topic… you might not know, I’m ranting towards them, with reason or not!

3.) Random Rants

It’s not only about rants, it’s also about mind-speaking… tactlessly.


Rudeness is not allowed

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