The 1936 curse of the grim reaper has landed in DLSU

Alright, so I noticed that 1936 is the year of the grim reaper. No wonder, my paternal grandfather was slain 9 years before I was born. Jim Henson was dead three years before I was born. Lastly, Michael Jordan’s father, who was born in 1936, was murdered.

The murder in EGI and the suicide attempt in Miguel

Well, I heard this from a friend, and this guy killed a girl and I don’t know… but the recent thing is the suicide attempt!

Billy Andrew Sy|Here’s the photo about the suicide attempt.

Poor thing. What has happened to the world today?


1.) It’s probably because of academics – I know there are terror teachers right there, but there are some na bumabatikos at this certain professor who is known to have a reputation of students who are committing suicide just because of him. THIS actually defines downfall. I don’t know why.

2.) Maybe it’s all about love life – Alright, if you break up with your kasintahan, why end your life? There’s more to life than having a boyfriend/girlfriend.

The Delusional Killer Boyfriend from EGI

When it comes to relationships, you should love each other, right? Now why does it happen that… there are killings and suicides? Take note: One of my friends actually discussed about this killer dude who he frequently saw in EGI, and the police was interrogating that guy. UGH, I couldn’t explain enough since La Salle is also the spot for ghosts and eerie things. No wonder, marami na ring nagpapakamatay na Lasalyano due to personal reasons. Remember the guy who took his life after this frat thing. Also, the murder thing.

My God. Committing suicide is like going to hell.

Death is Inevitable

Death doesn’t choose a person. Money can’t buy life, according to Marley. No matter how rich or poor you are, you are still a mortal human being.

There are things that people should consider before committing suicide: Do you think this is the only way you could escape suffering? Think about it; life is never easy. It is a very hard thing, and sometimes, you have to work hard to achieve nirvana.

Remember: Always live life to the fullest. It’s not yet the end of the world; 2012 movie isn’t accurate, either.

Updates, regarding the murder thing

Alright, these people were mainland Chinese tourists, not Lasallian international students. The murderer guy eventually committed suicide. However, the two bodies were not yet acquired by the relatives, I think.

I think this mainland Chinese guy should know that what he did was wrong! It’s a shame for China to have such a hysterical Chinese citizen who is just visiting the Philippines… only for death!? Crazy as it seems, but this is somehow related to the hostage drama which was palpak and shitty at the same time. Like how I wrote the two anti-Chinese sentiments, it’s like a lesson for the Chinese dude who killed himself, and think about his fella Chinese from Hong Kong who were killed by a fired policeman who was shot to death. Hindi ba niya naisip ‘yung mga kababayan niya sa Hong Kong na namatay lang dahil sa kapalpakan ng pulis sa Pilipinas!? Alright, nakabawi naman ang mga pulis by arresting him, but committing suicide just because you’re arrested is something more stupid than not rescuing the tourists from the bus properly.

This Chinese dude should’ve been ashamed to the Chinoys. Not only to the Chinoys, but to the Filipinos, because of what he done. Also, dapat lang siyang mahiya sa kapwa niyang mainlander na Tsino ay dahil lang sa kanyang napaka-unacceptable na pangyayari. To his girlfriend, Rest in Peace. You deserved someone who is better than the hysterical boyfriend of yours who killed you.

To the others who are touring the Philippines, you shouldn’t follow what the Chinese dude did. Nakakahiya talaga sa mga kapwa niyang Tsino, at s’yempre, mas lalong nakakahiya sa mga makakilala sa kanya.


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