To Beni Medici, here’s the thing

That’s right. She’s the one who lambasted UST for having bobo and squatter students. Like, what!? Are you joking me like hell!?

Dear Beni, I know it’s too late but…

Ayos lang sana kung ang description mo ay “conyo at jologs” (well there’s nothing bad with that description, right?). Pero tawagin mong squatter at bobo ang Tomasino, parang sinabi mo na ring walang kwenta ang UST. Excuse me, pero marami ring mga mayayaman sa UST, at saka ilan sa kanila ay matatalino at masipag. Gets?

I used to have grudges against UST just because of the uniform thing! Pero ang binangga mo naman kasi is a top-notch school in terms of Medicine and Archi. Kung Tomasino pa man ako, eh ‘di mapapatay na kita with the shotgun. AND DON’T get me wrong– I am very defensive when it comes to my school. Kung love-hate relationship ang sa high school ko, well… papano naman kung college ‘yun?

UST is also kick-ass when it comes to education. No wonder, mas malinaw magturo ang mga Thomasian graduates, and they’re the ones who implement values in school. Ask my high school batchmates and schoolmates. They would say “yes.”

Dear, if you like PUP, then please, don’t ever lambast other schools. Napagdaanan ko na rin ‘yan. I also used to hate Arrhneo because it’s Lazzahl’s rival, but anyway, the rest is history.

EH, UP!? Worthless people!? Wala ka na ngang sinasanto!? Sabi na nga ba.

Y’know, UP is the place for smart and intellectual people, but I also have grudges with UP is because they produce know-it-all students. WELL, some people proved me wrong, and sooner, they will prove you wrong as well. Pera-perahan!? Don’t you know that UP is way cheaper than La Salle and Ateneo, even UST!? Of course, there are rich people who choose UP because of its quality of education, but why did you not spare UP, btw?

Remember, PUP won’t be proud to have someone who lambasted UST.


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