To the jealous warfreak…

I know it’s too late but…

Keeping grudges against my former second home

You know what? There is something WRONG with your way of thinking. Do you think I am very ashamed of my former alma mater? Ganito lang kasi ‘yan. The reason why I kept grudges against my former second home is because, structured ang buhay doon. You have to live according to the rules. However, in my new second home, I live life to the fullest. I take advantage of everything, and sometimes I forget to manage my time. I don’t make excuses, actually. If you think mayabang ako at epal, it’s not my problem after all.

You’re making your emotions as an excuse

Hindi excuse na tatawagin mo akong mayabang at epal dahil selosa ka. Hindi rin excuse na masyado ka nang desperada para lang maghanap ng away sa akin. Magpasalamat ka, hindi ako si Cristine Reyes. Magpasalamat ka rin na hindi rin ako selosang palengkera. Kung ikukumpara kita kay Cristine, well, halos ‘di kayo magkalayo ng reaksyon pagdating sa pagseselos.

Well, I am not testing your patience in terms of your relationship. Yes, I know, you may have the right to be jealous but you’re not doing it in the right way. Parang, marami nang nasasaktan just because of what you did.

I won’t be ranting anymore. You know who you are. Well, FYI, I’m not looking for a fight. HAHA, just to inform you, I don’t hate you.


Rudeness is not allowed

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