Happy Birthday to AA Klenk, from Russia with love

My reaction would be similar to:

Of course, our day wouldn’t be complete without greeting one of my (or OUR) worse enemies a happy dappy birthday!

Now let’s take a closer look on the years…


Isn’t it wonderful to blog shit about our worst enemy right here? Well, not because I’m plotting for a secret agenda, but you see, this is the only prank I could give. Am I right, Ross? Fhrese? Park Chi? ASHtray? Bozhi?

You can’t mistake me for being a sadist, but nah… I’m not really that of a sadist. Imagine greeting your worst enemy at any event would mean that you’re embracing peace in this world.

Imagine AA Klenk in Korea

What would happen if AA Klenk hailed from South Korea? If she manifests the same attitude, of course, what will happen is… she would find herself hanged on the ceiling. TRUE THAT, because South Korea is a sexist country, where women are often the subject of oppression, and men are the more superior ones. Like what Roxy said, Koreans won’t accept her image big time. They would rather lash out at her, saying that “she has to GTFO of Korea!”

It would be less worse if she would come from Japan. She would be branded as the “next Sasaki Nozomi.” In Japan, you don’t commit hara-kiri if you’re manifesting a mean attitude (unless you’re caught by the police, depending on the situation). It’s a good thing that the Japanese do not really care at all, because the honor codes/system isn’t much observed compared to the usual thing.

Let me reiterate again, AA Klenk isn’t the usual “thing” you think of

Someone who is true to self has to admit the surgeries he/she had done, like for instance, Ashlee Simpson. Ashlee admitted he surgeries just to enhance her look, and you see, I respect those who admit their nip tucks because you’re not a real person if you’re going to hide the surgery. Well, AA Klenk might not admit her nose and boob job, but probably because she just wanted to look like her ate.

AA is objectified. Y’know what that means, right? Kaya naging bastusin siya sa mga mata ng mga disenteng tao hindi lang dahil marami na siyang issue, kundi dahil hindi niya pinu-prove ang kanyang worth as an accomplished actress. Sino naman ang gagalang sa’yo kung puro na lang “bold” ang alam mo, hindi ba? Kaya halos lahat ng mga netizens, ganito ang comments nila, kapag si AA ang nakikita nila, “Ang sarap niyang kantutin.” Remember the word: KANTOT.

Angry to the Celebrant? Not my problem!

I’m one of the Angry Birds. I’m on a slingshot, ready to fight!

Well, happy 30th 23rd birthday to you, AA Klenk. Hope you good health and joy. ❤


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