I’m not being arrogant, but…

I Hate Broken Bananas

Mein/e Fotoapparat ist kaputt.

Alright, so what if it’s broken? You may fix it to the nearest center wherever your brand is. I don’t want to emphasize this enough, but it’s better to be careful than to be sorry, right?

I have to admit, my SLR camera’s still alive and kickin’, despite its worn out, peeled off rubber grip. I haven’t consulted a repair person just yet, and just so you know, it isn’t a big deal…

Repair is very costly. However, I don’t feel it, or see it. Hmmm…

It’s like you’re having your hair rebonded every day (it will make you bald, swear!) and also, having your PC reformatted every single minute (fuck that!). Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If I had a lost cell phone, at least it is not kaputt (pronounced as ka-POOT; broken in German). And of course, I am still kicking. Remember, if someone stole your camera from you, remember, your life is not lost. If it was broken because of an unexpected incident, you have to do something just to save it. You can’t just complain, because it doesn’t have to lead you to something. There is always (or often) a solution to the problem.

You shouldn’t be a feeling major person

Imagine you are on a vacation, however, someone ruins it by giving you… assignments, like he/she’s saying, “Do this and that!” Excuse me? We’re not on a field trip, we’re on a vacation!

Comparing other people through academics is completely wrong! So what if a smart person is a mean and rude one, while someone who’s a mediocrity isn’t?

I hate to admit it, but there are times that everyone is depending on me… but where’s the sincere gratitude? It’s all taken for granted, and I’m taken for granted. Well, it’s alright, as long as you’re not doing any malice.

Of course, doing assignments while on vacation should be taken for granted. It’s like this: Amy Chua’s aim on the book itself (Battle Hymn) is to discourage people from being too assertive and coercive at the same time. Do you think it was easy for her to start a book like that? Of course not! Like what I said, it’s deeply traumatic and you won’t want to read that again. If you happen to be someone who likes giving assignments to people who are on a vacation, it’s like you’re the “boss.”

You can’t be someone who’s superior. So what if you’re being compared to a much more hardworking achiever? You can’t be the “instant boss.” Being the boss is being kick-ass to your colleagues, employees and to your officemates. Being the boss means to be approachable to everyone… which I do not often see to our block leader. HAHA, no offense but I’m brutally frank this time.

Infairness, if you do not manifest a bossy behavior, well, that’s alright, for as long as you have to admit that you were bossy because of this and that, but it has to be from your emotions (and mind). If you can’t do it, then you have to admit the fact that you’re controlled! It’s alright not to be bossy, for as long as you’re approachable. People won’t easily shun you, because you’re dealing with it.

I’m not making this as a handbook! I may not be a leader (yes, and I won’t ever accept the promotion job as a boss is because, I hate being the boss. If I were to be the class president, I’m the worst and of course, I am not very competent. HAHA), but this is to guide you.

Remember, being the leader has to deal with it. I can’t explain this deeper, but you just have to get the point.


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