Progeria haters, may I have your attention, please!?

…and Hana Hwang is still alive.

To those YouTube users who were so mean to Hana, STFU. Well, especially to SilverNinja115, Hana’s not yet dead.

I really do not know why, but Progeria is a serious disease which takes the lives of children at 13 years old. Harsh as it seems, but looking at the real side, most of them do not reach the age of twenty, and they die of heart attacks. It is a premature aging disease where kids lose their hair, doesn’t grow normally, etc., self explanatory.

Don’t hate someone for their disease, God forbid

Regarding SilverNinja’s posts, it’s really sickening. It’s like people who thought about the March 2011 Japan Earthquake “serves as a lesson for the Japanese for not believing in God.” Like, what!? Alright, Japan may seem to recover in a short period of time within that incident, but it doesn’t have to mean that the people will recover in that short amount of time. Experiencing the harshness of the earthquake would turn out to be traumatic. Imagine Japan as a person, and the earthquake is a disease. What now if that earthquake was the worst in history? Do you think they’ll recover right ahead of time!? Of course not!

Hana Hwang is human, too, despite the disease. Everyone of us should not be indifferent and insensitive about the conditions of other people. What now if that person is terminally ill; worse, what now if that person is dying from bone cancer?

Guys, I just want you to know: Diseases like Progeria are very deadly and at the same time, loose. It doesn’t “saint” anyone. It doesn’t choose people according to their income. Also, that disease doesn’t really care if you’re a Christian. It is like death; it doesn’t choose people according to their wealth, sex, race, age and/or religion. It’s like cancer.


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