Painful Truth vs. Beautiful Lie

You don’t know what I mean, but telling a lie doesn’t have to mean pleasing everybody.

Why do I have to allow this to happen? Being blinded with all the lies they told about me, I did the same shit. Alright, let me tell you one story: It’s a good thing some are forgiving, but no. I have to get away from those things.

No one would be openly know-it-all. Of course, for them, know-it-alls will just make them feel bad about themselves. Am I right, homewrecker!? Ex-know-it-alls turned pasaway popular kids!?

Telling the painful truth is better than telling a beautiful lie; sometimes, you have to tell that person that, “I think you’re not doing good, it’s excessive, subtract a little more, and you’ll get what I mean.”

To those who are mahilig makialam, tama ba ako? Masakit bang, malaman niyo ang katotohanan? Papano kung may ibang taong gaganyan sa inyo!? Think about it, you know my name, my actions, but you do not know yet the whole story. Sometimes, you have to ask people who know me by heart, and not just by mere observations. You might not know, there are some people who know me because they care for me. Don’t trust the know-it-alls, they’re nothing but people who talk without any sense.

Harsh as it seems, but I was introverted. Don’t you understand the whole thing!? I am telling it to you right now, and the way I express my full emotions isn’t really as direct than expected. I don’t speak my mind that fast. Call me frank, but I just make it a joke. To be honest, I speak my mind at the right time, and at the right place, unless we’re relatives. HAHA.

Well, I wouldn’t kill you if I were a popular kids. Ayos lang kahit laitin niyo ako, for as long as I’m one of the popular kids. I am NOT one of the popular kids, which make me question if I’m really popular. Well, NO. It’s only those people who do not have a life who makes people famous and create bad reputations at them. Am I right, Fhrese? Park Chi? AA?

Painful TRUTH: Atrocities led by attention-seeking haters

Remember Beni Medici (aka theindifferentmasochist) who branded Thomasians as “bobo” at “iskwater” ang ugali, but for me, what she said is a lie. The newest atrocity is Ahcee Flores’ sick joke about her wish to eliminate all the Bisaya people so that the population of “baduy” people will be eliminated. Between Mariel Rodriguez and these Visayans, sino ang totoong baduy? Si Mariel, hindi ba? Oo, si Mariel na nakakainis ang pagka-baduy, unlike Pokwang and Marian Rivera, ayos lang maging baduy. AND Visayans are not baduy, IMO. Some of them are “sosyal,” and for me, Visayans are damn good in English. Ahcee, KUHA MO!?

Ahcee is the type of person that Annabelle Rama should make batikos of. Well, if Madame Gutierrez is “palaban,” she should kick Ahcee’s ass off in public, so that she would show to everyone that she represents the feisty population of the Visayans. BTW, most of the Visayans I know are feisty, hindi lang si Annabelle Rama.

Beautiful Lies: Your artists are way different in person compared to TV

Looks vs. Photoshopped TV

If Wendy Valdez has big boobs despite her skinny frame, truth is, those boobs are only worth drooling on TV. I know this first-hand account that Wendy is actually small-chested, and I’m sure napapadala lang siya ng push-up bra, or foam. Well, kahit dati pa, I would really think that her boobs are fake. Sabi na nga ba, eh. Her boobs are FAKE! HAHA! I was right.

Lani Mercado is ordinary-looking on TV, but I saw her in person and she’s so beautiful. Simple, but elegant. Her mole on the forehead is NOT that damn big. It’s medium-sized, NOT big. Talk about TV victimizing naturally-beautiful people, right? Even Kaye Abad, she’s not pretty on TV, but there are times na magpapakita na maganda talaga siya. Yeng Constantino may be mistaken to be weird-looking, but she’s damn pretty in person. Cristine Reyes (aka AA Klenk) may be beautiful and sexy on TV, but in person, she’s not really very pretty naman eh, and she still looks the same in person (hindi ibig sabihin na pareho ang mukha sa TV at sa personal, may hitsura na kaagad — for instance, Jolina Magdangal). Also, her boobs are just… foam.  Same with Kris Aquino, who is yeah, white, but same face din. Pero simple lang siya off-cam.

Arnold van Opstal may look like a typical hottie in the photos, but in person, he’s so handsome and very tall! Even though he’s wearing laid-back attire, gwapo talaga siya. He’s like the taller version of AJ Perez, with a tinge of Yuu Shirota.

Kitchie Nadal may be a typical cutie, but she’s so simple and pretty in person. Maputi pati. Even Sitti Navarro, maganda din ‘yun sa personal.

The Attitude

According to Roxy, Kim Chiu may be “sweet” on TV, pero suplada raw in person. I was wondering, parang hindi naman bitchy si Kim, eh. Well, never mind.

There are some people who are nice, and these are the majority of people who portray kontrabidas. Gladys Reyes is one example of a suplada on-cam but a very nice person off-cam. Pero sa totoo lang, mas gusto ko talaga siya kay Juday, well because of the bob hair. However, Gladys is pretty din kasi, eh.

Princess Punzalan is really a meanie on-cam, but off-cam, she’s also nice, same with Jean Garcia, who is jolly in person despite her scary-bitchy face on-cam.

There are people who are really nice on-cam, but mean off-cam. Well, to the Diamond Star, she’s an example of a nice person on-cam, but a meanie off-cam. Hindi ba totoo ‘yung drugs things? I feel sorry for her. Hmm… doesn’t she realize that she has earned a title, tapos nawala lang siya sa ere ng basta-basta?

Korina Sanchez is sadly, suplada. Well, I didn’t know that she would manifest a very mean attitude towards her kasambahays, but it’s all thanks to Sen. Mar Roxas who changed her ways since he’s a nice person, but as a politician? Actually, he was just forced to be one is because, one of his siblings who wanted to become a politician died — sad, right? I’m not being judgmental, but based on first-hand accounts, the probable reason why Korina lately married is because of her atrocities and uh-hmm… mean attitude. What type of guy will tolerate her attitude, right?

Kris Aquino may be suplada on-cam, but she’s really a good amo to her kasambahays. Although rich by birth, she gives all her wealth and hides signature stuff and prefers to promote local products. Despite being a terrible lifetime partner, at least she still manages to take care of her kids. Talk about being the real prangka, and the meaning of “frank” means, very open without any exception.

Other actors like Robin Padilla may be “bad guys” on TV, but in person, they’re really nice, so it’s no wonder that he’s demurely nice, ending up for him marrying Mariel Rodriguez, who is reportedly to be snob in person. No wonder, she is showing her true colors when she was inside the Big Brother’s house. Also, what she said about the viewers of Wowowee as “mababaho” is quite evident with her attitude: Nakakahiya sa mga Lasalyano na kilalanin ang kapwa nilang Lasallistang plastik! However, it’s a good thing that she layed-low naman, eh. I think Binoe’s really a good hubbie naman, eh. But if I were Binoe, I should’ve not courted someone like a girl-gay, kasi sa totoo lang, demurely-nice guys have a bad rep nowadays, and they’re the ones defining that the world is getting immoral in the present-day situation by falling for suplada, bungangera and palengkera women. HAHAHA, if I were a demurely-nice guy, I’d rather be an old bachelor (matandang binata).

Painful Truth #2: Tumblr-famous people are usually Photoshop-talented (straight English)

Remember Dakota Rose Ostrenga and her sister Kiki Kannibal, together with the “oh-so perfect” Felice Fawn? Alright, so I just have to give way to Felice this time, because she finally answered my questions. I have nothing against Dakota Rose, except that she is using Photoshop just to look like Gemma Ward. Well, why can’t she be original? She’s like a pirated version, and I think her Japanese, together with her “mastery” of other Asian languages seemed quite questionable… it’s like she just translated everything from Google Translate. Remember, translating a Japanese text to English has a very awkward outcome. HAHA, the wrong grammar and everything, it’s like a real translator (e.g., a polyglot) should be hired.

Granted that Dakota Rose is well-known across Asia, but that’s all about it. Hair, make-up tutorials and shit, I don’t think she’s 16 years of age. HAHA, thinking about it, it’s like Photoshop is her life. The “magical eyelashes” thing gave me the goosebumps! HAHA, it’s like Photoshop fail… well, no wonder, she always fail in Photoshop.

Well, aside from Dakota, let’s talk about Felice Fawn once more… with her wrongdoings. Do you think it’s good to look up to someone who’s actually… drinking online and snorting cocaine!? Actually, she’s only loved is because she’s pretty and skinny, and other than that, nothing. Alright, granted that she’s a photographer, retoucher and artist, why isn’t she recognized on TV, on the newspaper, and Vogue? Think about it, she lashed out at a South African model who is way more sophisticated than her regarding the gifts thing. Another thing: Felice is a hardcore atheist, the wrong way. Shoving down on our throats the latest shit she knows against Christianity, Islam… it’s like putting religion on bd limelight. Remember, the British military were culturally-sensitive when they were deployed to Iraq; why can’t Felice follow that example? It’s like she’s putting the Brits to shame with these… insensitivities. Ignorant, much.

Beautiful Lies #2: The richer the country, the better (synonymous to the more, the merrier)

Living in the United States is like heaven to most of the immigrants working there. However, will you be happy as a parent if your own child calls 911 after you punished him/her with love?

If you think the richer the country, the better…

South Korean people prove you wrong. Although South Korea’s a rich country for people from the third-world, most of them move to the Philippines not because they want to learn English at a very affordable price, but the true reason behind it: South Korea’s a fast-paced country, and it’s only good to live there if you’re rich enough, or if you have the money. They also admit the educational system there, that hobbies are disregarded and it’s all work and no play. Competitiveness doesn’t have to equate more academics over hobbies. Imbalance of the two things aren’t good.

One of my Korean buds said that Korea’s not necessarily a rich country. No wonder, the living standard isn’t that good, and Ryan Bang proves you right. He wanted his family to be with him in the Philippines is because, he experienced a hard life there. Same with the late Cho Seung-hui, he never enjoyed his life, not only after he moved to the US; he never enjoyed his life when he was still in South Korea.

Another thing, Filipino-Japanese people prove you wrong. Mind you that most of them are more Filipino than Japanese due to the fact that Japan’s a very expensive country, and not only that; I noticed that people are eating alone in restaurants during my vacation in Japan due to the fact that they’re individualistic in nature. I’m not blaming their hierarchic system, but it’s really the Japanese way. Although they’re conservative in some ways (family-oriented, respectful), it’s very ironic to see people parting their own ways.

Some Filipino-Americans want to learn about the country of their parents. Like what Filipino-Canadian Maria Aragon said, Filipino people are really nice people and they open the doors for you whenever you come in and out of the shop, or a restaurant.

This guy who commented about James Soriano’s elitist views on language told him that the Fil-Ams have the Filipino dream. True that. Most Fil-Ams thought that knowing the Filipino language will make them feel more complete. Well, for most people who have an idea about Asian-Americans, Thai-Americans and Korean-Americans who aren’t in Hollywood are well-versed in their parents’ native language and English at the same time. John Cho, Margaret Cho and Daniel Dae Kim are exceptions since they’re in Hollywood, which is understandable, but I applaud those people who know their parents’ native language as their second language, or first.

The reason why most people from the rich countries move to places like the Philippines, or Thailand is because, it’s cheaper. However, some Filipinos and other Southeast Asians work in richer countries to earn for a living. It’s the balance of life, some say, but the aim of this “beautiful lie” is to let people know that it doesn’t have to mean that the richer the country, the better. Richer countries have higher suicide rates than poorer countries, as a matter of fact. No wonder, the Philippines has a very low suicide rate due to its Catholic nature.


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