College vs. High School

Like what I said, College is better than High School.

I really don’t know why, but I came from a school that is low-profile, yet my batch back then was infested with social-climbers, pasaways, and so on. I was really angry at my former second home. “Why did you ever keep on insulting me?” is always my question.

College gives the flexibility of life, unlike high school. It’s no wonder that I’m enjoying my life in college than high school. Now what’s new about my former second home? Nothing. It’s still the same old thing that I see. Nothing spectacular.

However, what if the admin invited the “worst enemy” to be the guest?

I won’t allow it to happen. EVER.

I don’t want my former second home to receive criticisms like, “Siguro mga ipokrita kayo?” Thinking that “worst enemy” is a walking porn, do you think the students there will look up to her!? Think about this: Marami nang issue ang napapaligid na may ganito-ganyan, like for instance, the kick-out thing. Papano kung may nag-sex sa loob ng classroom? Papano kung may nag-PDA and deny to death pa rin sila?

Of course, I won’t allow the “worst enemy” to be the guest in my new second home. Please lang, I don’t want each and ev’ry brethren of mine become a cult member. HA, OA much, but you know me, I’m very uh-hmm. I don’t like any prostitot-y cult congested in my new second home. It’s like welcoming the presence of Mariel Rodriguez… if AA Klenk is welcomed in the school of green and white. Hindi. Pwede. ‘Yun.

Call me judgmental, but look. Being pretty and sexy doesn’t have to mean that you should follow the footsteps of Megan Fox. Granted na bastusin si Megan Fox, but was she cheap in any manner? Not! She’s skanky, but never cheap. Mas lalo naman kung ikukumpara si AA kay Maria Ozawa. Well, yeah.

To clarify things…

Alright, fine. I will be honest. It’s not only the flexibility of life college would give you, but the reality is that, you are coerced to think, act and be traditional if you’re in a high school with the uber-strict rules. Being traditional cannot necessarily be applied — there are different types of people you have to deal with. There are many elite people who are extremely liberated, particularly those who were raised in the West.

It is really hard to adjust in college if your background is quite traditional, and if you come from a school that has super-strict rules. Your mentality should be always within the norm of that college.

FYI, I do not actually abhor my former second home as a whole. The only thing is that, what would you do with super-strict rules if education isn’t really prioritized. It’s really obvious in how the school itself is managed (It doesn’t have to mean that uber-strict rules improves the quality of education, got the point?). The admin of the school is selfish. Call me judgmental or harsh, but there’s something in the admin which makes the students rather, rebel or to protest. They usually do the opposite. They don’t follow the rules anymore, or simply take it for granted. Why? Colored accessories of any kind doesn’t have to make you less of a person. Simplicity is beauty, but there are times that simplicity should be emphasized. If you’re a liberated, Westernized person in my former second home, you might want to go back to where you grew up. True, but adjusting in that community would mean that you are willing to try a new lifestyle.


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