Bill Cosby is a mean and rude person IRL!? WTF!?

Alright, so I never had grudges against Bill Cosby, one of my favorite comedians ever, because of “Little Bill,” an African-American show that is one of the best to watch. However, there are some people who are putting him down… or let’s say, telling the truth, without any validity, right?|Bill Cosby’s awesome because of Little Bill.

Little Bill is one of my favorite cartoons EVER in my whole entire life. Thinking about appreciating the life of African-American people, it’s like watching an average show, and loved it! No wonder, it IS one of the best childhood shows I ever watched, and whenever Little Bill loves birthdays, I think the staff should make an episode where’s he’s the celebrant!

I couldn’t believe that such a person like Cosby himself would ever manifest an unacceptable attitude. Well, here’s the thing. I was very curious whoever American celebrity is mean and/or rude in real life, and it turns out that Anita Baker, Mariah Carey, Keyshia Cole and Christina Aguilera would be on the top list. Others think that Queen Latifah and Beyonce are rude. Hmm…

Like, what!? I think it really depends upon the mood of the celebrity, but usually, they’re expected to put their best faces on, even in everyday lives. They can’t be the prima donna of the limelight. Well, it’s not new to us that Mariah Carey or maybe Christina Aguilera would be mean, rude and/or snobbish for real. Xtina’s a warfreak, and it’s obvious since she lashed out at Britney one time. Mariah, on the other hand, had this rumor that she called Filipinos “brown monkeys.” Some claimed that it’s true, but others disregarded it.

Well, I won’t ever believe that Bill Cosby is a rude person, unless someone sincerely admits it by posting a comment. People could be judgmental and/or brutally frank at times. However, thinking that the death of his son wouldn’t be an excuse or a valid reason to state that Cosby became rude to people. Well, comment ahead!


Rudeness is not allowed

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