I thought AA is a retard?

Here’s one tweet from a Twitter user.

Gosh, I thought Vice is really sincere about his word about AA Klenk, that she’s “autistic.” Well, for me, she’s disturbingly retarded.

FYI, Sarah’s not ma-arte or something, it should be AA. Do you think AA is simple, low-key as how it was portrayed by TV? Fuck no!

Granted that she’s beautiful, but it’s all thanks to cosmetic surgery alone! Shit! Mas mukha pa nga siyang may progeria as I saw one of her photos as a child. No wonder, she looks and acts older than her age, right Doctor Who?

I still wonder why people idolize AA? Yes, you may idolize her, but looking at her atrocities, you can’t appreciate her as a person. Wala. She won’t be a respected star. Lay-low lang ‘yan because she’s in a stable relationship, but I believe, she would end up trashy once that relationship ended. *Wink* I’m not being judgmental, but look, I think this post should be proven right:

Well, according to Roxy, AA already has a prostitot-y reputation. Well, nakilala ko siya as a young, sexy yet controversial figure na kaagad (In other words, someone with a common name, but became a household name for pornography). I still don’t understand or make gets why people admire her? Guys, ‘wag kayong magpapa-uto sa maamong mukha. Juday is also suplada. Erich is also one. Kim Chiu’s heard to be also one, unfortunately. Lastly, Shaina Magdayao is also one of those people. HAHA, heard from a first-hand account that Shaina’s not nice daw and ma-arte. Although she’s a good actress, Shaina’s not having any more projects. Why? Self-explanatory.

People with tame faces are actually mean, behind the Thai smile, you’ll see the darker side, that most local stars are hypocrites. Kunwaring bait-baitan sa TV, pero in person, you’ll know how these people get full of themselves. People may be judgmental, but you’ll see the reality: People with a bad reputation are usually lashed out at; good people are usually admired, but do they deserve the admiration? NO.

AA Klenk may be admired and dissed, but who cares? Maybe she’s nothing to most Hollywood stars, if ever she tries her luck to the US.


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