Manipulative people are the main causes of personal frustrations

Am I right, Divine Tua? Joe Jackson? (BTW, Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn‘s a recommended book for you, selfish guys. HAHA.)

Thinking that I was manipulated by a number of know-it-alls nationwide, now I am starting to become rebellious. P*t@ng !na naman! Get a life! I have my own thinking, you don’t. You just want to put your level up just like AA Klenk, or Ross.

HA! Thinking that ABS-CBN takes care of talents, why do they allow prostitots and people with attitude problem surface the scene? Are you listening to me, former second home’s admin!?

Fudge, Rico Yan might be the next Jose Rizal

If Jose Rizal would view the Philippines today, he would say, “Ay-yay-yay! This IS, definitely NOT the homeland where I used to enjoy my childhood. The most famous people are the greedy ones, the people with attitude problem and worse… people who are whores!” Sure, it may sound really, very much harsh, but to think that oligarchy damages the true definition of democracy, Rizal might also reward Marcos for his efforts to make the Philippines, have its own identity. Rizal might place Marcos on the 500-peso bill. HAHA, oligarchy is MINUS in the 1987 Constitution. No more people who are really, very corrupt and power-tripping. Besides, where did ALL the flaws started? Oligarchy!

Next would be Rico Yan. Granted that he was very well-known for his “good boy” image, he would criticize the showbiz industry today, and worse, he might lambast AA Klenk for being the new “icon” or “representative” for local showbiz. Shame to channel 2, they allowed people who are nothing spectacular and worthless to watch, and they even allowed snobbish women to be smarter and more talented than their kind-hearted and approachable counterparts. Rico won’t allow prostitots to be sex symbols, and also, he won’t ever allow people with attitude problem to earn more projects. Right, Mamu Charo?

The True Meaning of Mis-education

Teaching your children to be manipulative know-it-alls just because you are one is definitely a complete, shitty, bullcrap. It’s garbage to me. Y’know what? They’re the main reasons why their own children have their own frustrations. Thinking that you’re nice on TV, but mean in person, that would mean that you’re having superiority complex, the trait where you guys show your true colors because your  own parent mis-educated you as-is.

Mis-education means, to teach your children to do what is wrong. Teaching your children to look at the flaws means that the parent is actually… someone who had a very bad past. Right, Jennilyn?

Manipulative people think they are superior in many ways, they do it just because they’re intelligent. They think their intelligence is the ticket to do bad things. FUCK YOU! Pati ba naman bata, ima-manipulate niyo? Let them be, and they should also be respected. Manipulative people do not deserve respect after all, since they should actually make themselves a better person. Of course, if their children’s very famous, why do they have to manipulate them? Divine Tua and Joe Jackson should learn their lesson the hard way from Karen Carpenter’s mom, who happens to be manipulative as well. Being manipulative is an obvious sign of arrogance.

Moral of the Story

Truth is, when a person like me likes something, you don’t have the right to interfere with my desires. It’s my own fucking life, and you got no taste at all. Leave me be, for I am free. Allow me to be myself.


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