I cannot side with this one…

What’s the use of a white-skined, rich guy if he’ll gonna kill you out of gross mistreatment?

Actually, the rich, white guy is the ideal guy. Whether everyone likes it or not, I won’t marry a poor native, or someone who hails from Region I. Not that I’m racist, but being curly-haired, brown/dark-skinned and y’know, having nothing beautiful but the hourglass figure itself as the only feature is something I won’t be proud of.

I promised myself not to marry a guy who has the same facial features and attitude of Gelli De Belen. As in, ayoko. Ayaw ko. I won’t be THAT stupid to fall for someone who would be like that person, tapos sa bahay lang siya nagta-trabaho. I won’t fall for someone who’s like, ika nga, pumupunta ka sa bahay, tumutulong, and that’s it. I won’t choose that guy. What is a big deal for me is that, that guy has a decent job, and of course, treats me like a queen.

Here’s the thing. Osaka Monogatari’s (YES, I’m the author!) Akio Hirata would be the ideal guy. Not only that he’s white-skinned and Japanese, but he’s also a very kind-hearted and understanding person in the series. He’s the ideal person who is approachable, down-to-earth and does his job right. I haven’t posted some of the next stories just yet, but soon, you’ll know that he fell for Evrina, this time it ain’t a joke, for he could see Kei and Noriko in her. He’s the first person who noticed her worth as a person. Also, he hates being manipulated, whatever reason that would be. He is a very respectful guy, and that’s what Evrina would see in a guy. He may be demurely-nice in the series, but he doesn’t fall for a snobbish (suplada) woman. He believes that snobbish women are not approachable and he isn’t that patient to be mistreated by a woman. He may have a conservative way of thinking, but he balances it with his liberal ideas, such as dual nationality and of course, thinking of women as equal to men. He’s also a tolerant and patient person, and is said to abhor know-it-all people.

Good news is, Evrina was very happy when her two children were as white as Akio himself. All the beautiful features are all thanks to Akio’s stronger genes, resulting from Kazumi’s exposure to the atomic bomb blast. It’s not only that; Akio chose Evrina to be his wife and decided to live in her home country because he found it better there, and he thinks that helping the people there would make sure that he shares everything he knows.


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