Not another AA Klenk Rant: She as guest in Sarah G Live

Kayo ba, gusto n’yo bang mag-guest si Cristine Reyes or Rayver Cruz sa bagong show ni Sarah Geronimo?

In English, “You guys, do you want Cristine Reyes or Rayver Cruz as guest/s in Sarah Geronimo’s new show?”

My take

Well, I really don’t care, go on, it would be a fresh start for them to show that they’re patched up.

However, there are some netizens who were siding on a stern NO. Still can’t move on from the SG-CR conflict? Well, diplomatically speaking, you can’t establish good relationships if you can’t move on with a certain conflict. For instance, Japan-Philippines relations. This is the most obvious in some cases. If the Filipinos were once ditched by the Japanese soldiers during the WWII for four years, at least the Filipinos moved on, and started to shake hands with the Japanese. As such, there are many Filipinos living in Japan, and some Japanese people are willing to strengthen their relationship with the Filipinos. Another thing, the Japanese visa isn’t hard to get after all, compared to the US visa. This also happened with Germany-Israel relations. At the first 15 years when the state of Israel was established, Israel refused to have diplomatic relations with Germany. It just so happened that they decided to move on and started to shake hands with the Germans. After all, they’re the strongest allies ever known.

As for Sarah Geronimo and Cristine Reyes, netizens should not be very overzealous about their loyalty towards SG. Sarah may be a sweet person, but that doesn’t have to mean that she’s really a very nice, demure and meek person in real life. It only happens simply because of Mommy Divine, who happens to interfere with her own daughter’s decisions. Cristine, on the other hand, shouldn’t be given any overzealous violent reactions involving the conflict. Sure, she may have a “prostitot-y” reputation and known for having an attitude problem, but linking her again to Sarah in a bad way is wrong. At least, let the show flow its own way, although CR said she won’t force herself if ever people would say, “yes.”

We haven’t watched the Sarah G Live, but please, testing lang ho. But I hope AA won’t be the same person like when she was the co-host of The Buzz (true that, if truth is she can’t host decently). ‘Wag lang sana siyang ganoon ulit. HAHA, nakakahiya. Nah, well I hope AA wouldn’t manifest shitty moments with SG if she wants to prove herself right.


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