A rant-free blog and its importance

Ranting is one of the things we usually do when we disagree about a certain situation. For instance, why was PNoy elected as president? If we think that he was voted for his lineage, well, not really. He was elected because his aim is to eliminate or at least reduce corruption.

We rant at the situation about PNoy’s victory is because he is “showbiz.” It may seem true, but taking a look at his “servants'” performance, they do quite well compared to CGMA’s “servants.”

Ranting and its dangers

We may rant as many times as we would like to, but the only side effect is this: There are some waiting to diss your blog because they think that you’re a spitfire. It’s not bad to be a spitfire, for as long as you don’t manifest attitude problem. To be a spitfire is to manifest feistiness in a comedic manner. Remember when I lambasted one of the most famous blogger/artists in the Philippines because of that. Well, it isn’t new to me, but I could no longer stand it. Being a spitfire while garnering fame and/or recognition may question spectators: You may have been famous because of a celebrity relative or because of your own talent, but being a spitfire while being well-known by name is a big no-no. How could everyone appreciate you as a person? Think about it, being irritable might ruin your career.

Reply at least once, or twice

The most respectable bloggers do not rant like a spitfire. Of course, thinking that they might be misunderstood, they’d rather NOT do that. If Felice Fawn was ranting like a spitfire, well, not anymore. She has cleaned up her act, but some are questioning her credibility. Do you think she deserves respect as a well-known model/artist?

The most respectable blogger I’d say would be the person who at least replies to your messages. Those who don’t, might be misunderstood or may have a “nice face” on the outside. Well, I really don’t know, but for me, replying to someone’s messages means that you wave back.

Well, this would only be the reason why Felice Fawn is no longer snobbish in my POV.


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