You’re under arrest, AA Klenk, you can no longer hide! LAWL!

BABALA: ‘Wag niyo nang isingit si Sarah G., for crying out loud. Like what I said, walang masamang maging guest si AA sa Sarah G. Live for as long as she doesn’t manifest the same behavior. If something bad happens, self-explanatory. HAHA.

So, negative comments are at it again. The usual thing: Each time AA Klenk is discussed, well… if it has a connection with “love,” the bad things happen. EVERYDAY.

Dear AA, to be honest with you, people still hate you. However, the way people admire you is similar to how people admired Felice Fawn as their “cult leader.” I find it annoying when AA is admired because of her outside appearance. Like, what!? I hate to reiterate this again, but she is no way “prangka” and “feisty.” Sino bang lalaking gustong pumatol sa isang laspag na pokpok? Sino bang gustong puamtol sa isang palengkerang cheap (for fifty pesos — sale!)?

I am wondering why she is being given more and more goody-goody roles that are contrasting to her skanky personality. As I’ve assumed before, casting couch much? Just like Kristine Hermosa?

Another spicy rant from Roxy. THIS, again. I’d like to say that AA’s no way fitting in “good” roles because she ain’t good in portraying nice people. Believe it or not, I don’t find her acting a 5-star rating. Wala. RePUTAsyon sucked ass as well. Halatadong hindi magaling si AA in portraying nice people roles.

Regarding Kristine Hermosa, her face is for the villain, not for the nice person! Baligtad! Kristine Hermosa looks mataray, to be frank. The only reason why she got the good girl role is because of her “charming” beauty. Well, charming beauty your face! Hindi nga siya bagay sa katulong, eh! Bagay pa siya sa sosyal, but there’s something wrong with her, actually. Maganda ang diction ng English niya, however, when speaking in Tagalog, her speech sucked, but not as irritating like AA’s.

I have nothing against Kristine Hermosa. Thing is that, she should portray the villain! Who thought of making her as the nice one, huh!? She is white, tall and sosyal-looking.

What most people DO like about AA is her maamong mukha. Pweh! Maamong mukha ka d’yan! Kunwaring bait-baitan ‘yan, aber! Pero hindi niyo ba alam na ang mukhang pa-kipot ay punung-puno ng apoy? Mind you that AA isn’t the only person who should have the “Angelina Jolie” title. Angelina is far classier and her speech is damn cool, so no wonder, walang romance movie si Angelina. Her voice is for action movies, and para siyang sundalo magsalita. Also, she did a good job on being witty while being interviewed by MatsuJun. If Angelina Jolie is known for her bizarre personal life, that shouldn’t matter at all. Only Jennifer Aniston die-hard fanatics would be hating her for being an “overrated homewrecker.” She may be overrated in terms of looks, but looking at the way she behaves is like thinking that Angelina’s far more respectable than Maniston (joke only!). Well, I don’t hate or like Jennifer Aniston. The thing is, she chose not to have kids for her “career.” Hello, hindi ba siya nahihiya? She may look young and sexy, but no way she’d be Angelina. After all, when she separated from Brad Pitt, she is so desperate to love him again. Este, kasalanan niya naman, ‘di ba? For NOT giving Brad what he really wants!? Did she ever thought that Brad’s getting old!? She should think about having a family first because sayang lang naman ang pagmamahal ng nanay ni Brad sa kanya! Favorite pa naman siya, honestly. Sayang talaga. Jennifer, I think you should learn a lesson from your divorce. You’re already old and should start a family. Fuck, someone called her selfish.

Back to the AA thing

AA Klenk should learn something from Jennifer Aniston, first-hand. JA may be career-oriented, but looking at how she’s portrayed, honestly everyone still prefers Angie. Angelina may be a “dark” girl like Italian actress Asia Argento, but she’s no way to be dissed like AA. Sure, she may be respectable as a Goodwill Ambassador for refugees, but thinking that she’s a hypocrite for being “over-acting” when it comes to her humanitarian work is completely wrong. Thinking that she’s a show-off is like thinking that she’s only doing this for publicity. The paparazzi and gossip tabloids are only manipulating our minds, our hearts, our souls. Between Angelina and AA, AA is the attention-seeking whore who is just deny-to-death. Whenever she’s on a relationship, halatadong pakitang-tao lang siya, and remember the Showtime thing when someone who pretended to be Rayver Cruz? Sabi pa nga niya, “Hi, Baby!” in a very irritating way. If Aishwarya Rai was accused of showing PDA towards her hubby Abhishek Bachchan (she gave him a flying kiss!), well, Abhishek’s older sister went disappointed. PDA is really a taboo in India, and Aish should know that she’s in India, not in the US, or maybe Europe, despite being a star. In AA’s case, only the audience would like to raise their middle fingers for showing “affection,” even though the guy isn’t her BF. HAHA. Pakitang-tao nga talaga.

To be honest with you, why idolize someone who had a reputation of being a pornstar? Would you ever imagine marrying a living sex doll and using her for money alone? Well, if I were a guy, I won’t ever marry that type of person. I won’t be THAT stupid to marry such a person who would ever act more of a SEX DOLL rather than a real, decent human being. If I were a Japanese man (DOM or a young cutie), I would always think that AA is a gold-digging japayuki! HAHA, and of course, I won’t marry that person OR I might just commit hara-kiri.

Lawl. So much for the ranting. I think this blog is like the rants about celebrities and shizz. I’m not going to be the Perez Hilton of the Philippines, trust me.

Lastly, I feel like cringing on young stars who have a crush on her. Guys, ano ba ang meron sa isang sex doll ung bakit niyo siya nagustuhan? Kung ako sa inyo, ‘wag na lang. Thank you na lang, kasi kadiri, eh. HAHA. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be dating someone who is a gold-digging japayuki if I were a Japanese guy (whether DOM or young cutie!). I’m sure, if only Kei Hirata were a real person, he would surely impersonate AA the more exaggerate way, and of course, if he were to date a girl, he’d make sure that he won’t ever receive any “tip money” from people like her.

Please, think twice before admiring someone who is a living sex doll. No joke, AA’s a real c*nt.


4 thoughts on “You’re under arrest, AA Klenk, you can no longer hide! LAWL!


    Alam mo ba, nakakwentuhan ko ang isa sa mga co-applicant ko sa Sykes Job Fair kahapon sa TGIF-Galeria, and he happened to be the relative (i don’t know kung anong degree) of Cristine Reyes’ family. The verdict: AA KLENK is actually maldita in person, and nung bata daw siya, ang dumi-dumi daw niya sa katawan. Kabaligtaran si Ara Mina, mas mabait si Ara, alongside her another sister Heidi Reyes.

    • THIS. HAHAHA, actually one of my kasambahays said hindi raw siya namamansin, and the supporting argument is this: One tweeted that hindi din daw siya namamansin, like “Maganda siya, pero suplada!” PAK!

      I think she has to brush up her manners. Nakakahiya! If I were to be a relative of hers, well, I won’t be “nagmamayabang.” I will be just, “Ay, nagkataon lang.”

      BTW, In “No Other Woman,” her acting is ok, but still mediocre.

      • kaya AA daw palayaw niya kasi yun ang tukso at tawag sa kanya kasi marumi siya sa katawan

  2. HAHAHA, ROTFLMAO, THIS! Well, now who’s the bully this time, eh? ;D PInanindigan n’ya talaga ang codename niya trololololololol. Tapos ironically, siya pa ang bully.

    Halata namang narcissistic siya eh. ROTFLMAO. Define AA Klenk: Cunt. ((((((: rotflmao

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