My thoughts about Dara, aka Ms. Krung-Krung

Alright, Dara… 다라!|Oh no she does NOT!

Sandara Park? Oh, if people used to dislike her because she is beautiful without any talent, well, that was when she was only being over-hyped by ABS-CBN. However, she never ever had an issue about being snob in person.

Well, halata naman sa hitsura niya, eh. She’s really nice, you just have to look at her aura. Compared to her other counterparts, yes, she is not only chosen for her Korean looks, but also for her sense of humor.

Humor? Where’s the humor?

Sandara Park is more likeable than any other stars, NOT even Kim Chiu would surpass that. Also, Dara’s a down-to-earth person with a low-profile record. How’s that? For some who think she’s “annoying,” some people would admire her because of the way she projected herself, without effort.

What makes Sandara Park more spectacular than Kim Chiu is that, she’s not a cunt, and she is decently waif-thin, unlike the skeletal Kim Chiu, athough I have nothing against Kim Chiu. What I don’t like in Kim is her scary skeletal figure! Yuck! There are some waif-thin people out there who don’t look scary-thin, why Kim CHOO!?


4 thoughts on “My thoughts about Dara, aka Ms. Krung-Krung

  1. Nako, kapag nag-30 na si Kim Chiu, baka magpa-invasive facelift iyan…hahahha! Dito nga lang sa Pilipinas, sino bang mga male celeb stars ang nag-declare na si Kim Chiu ang IDEAL GIRL? Baka kahit si Gerald Anderson hindi, hehehe! Maski si Erich eh, although maganda naman si Erich, has anyone out there declared if Erich is their ideal girl? No.

    While the IDEAL GIRL thing is something not to believe with, for the part of girl or a woman, it is something na, at least, nakakataba ng puso. While being admired by men should not be the measure of your self-worth, sino ba naman ang ayaw sa admiration, di ba? Would you believe ang nag-idealize kay Sandara eh swimmer pa ng Korea (Park Tae Hwan), and sikat na swimmer. It should be noted that athletes are not only bearing the same level of status as celebs, they are the ones imposed with higher expectations. Why?

    AskAKorean will tell you this:

    [At the foundation of nationalism, there is a very simple premise: a person is nothing without his country, and his country is in constant danger of disappearance. Therefore, a citizen of a nation must absolutely devote himself to his nation to prevent such disappearance. Every member of the nation must contribute what he can for the country – soldiers must guard their country, businessmen must earn money for their country, artists must display the country’s creativity, and athletes must display the country’s physical prowess.]

    However, celebs do not actually mean artists either. There is a huge difference between an artist and a con-artist, and celebs are more likely to be con-artist.

    So, athletes are better representations for a country than a celebrity.

    • Erich is NOT the ideal girl (let’s see if Mario Maurer would say YES with that fact) is because, mukha pa lang n’ya suplada na, but to be honest w/ you… my brother said muka daw syang squatter (which, I couldn’t help but agree). Naku, w/ regards to Kim Chiu, baka si Xian Lim ‘di rin sya mag-YES about that.

  2. I bet my billion-dollar boobs they won’t say YES. Also, I don’t like Xian Lim. He is more WESTERNIZED in terms of looks. Buti pa si Mario, kahit may lahing German, Asian pa rin ang dating kaya mukhang inosente. BTW, nung kasagsagan ng SCQ hate ko noon pa man si Erich, and I couldn’t understand why my mom was so amazed with her so-called beauty, and my sister insisted na magaling siya. Siguro, sa pag-arte, but sa over-all talent, semplang siya. Mas bet ko pa rin hanggang ngayon yung counterpart niya sa Starstruck, si Ryza Cenon. Hindi sikat si Ryza, pero she remains cute but ferocious contrabida.

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