Snobbish women as smarter and more talented

This was my note

I would always say, “Ay, masipag lang ‘yan sila,” when most suplada women are achievers more than nice women. They are more admired than those who are really respected not for their looks, but for their ethical actions. I really don’t know why most actresses who are controversial and suplada, maldita are talented, and improve more in acting than those who are really nice in real life (take note that most nice actors/actresses are better villains). Is it because they look up to Wendy Valdez (she has cleaned up her act now), who was suplada yet talented? I’m sure I have to call this as “Wendy’s Effect” due to the fact that people who are less approachable act more professional.

I want to ask God why this happens. Why do most suplada women are not only smart and talented, but also chosen by demurely-nice and sweet men? There are many other women out there, why them? Why is life so unfair, that most suplada women are given more chances and opportunities? Is this because the more the suplada, the more the respectable? I strongly disagree with this fact, because truth is, most suplada women get away with everything. While those feisty women who are actually behaved in real life are criticized, why can’t people do the same to those with attitude problem? Hmm, I wonder why people do that, but if you think those with attitude problem are “frank and feisty,” you’re wrong. You know who I am pertaining to, but yeah.

I noticed that the more the suplada, the smarter and more talented. Ask the former know-it-alls. They don’t want to hear those things, but this “tomboy genius” that I’m always lambasting my whole entire life, was forgiven by me myself. I understand why: She’s a know-it-all, and usually, intelligent women are know-it-alls. I know she has changed. It wasn’t the real her before, but y’know, I understood that. Ang babaw naman kung murahin ko pa siya ng murahin na parang wala lang.

I was wondering. Most suplada women are really given more chances, but inner beauty? Well, people are intimidated by them because they don’t seem approachable at all. Truth is, the reason why they’re smarter and more talented is because, arrogance is the only way that will make them feel more superior. They think humility is a sign of weakness. Wait, was Kate Winslet arrogant? I never heard anything bad from her, although she’s a really good actress. Take Claire Danes as the suplada but talented actress. She’s one example of an actress who shows the “Wendy Effect” and also, she proves that right, but well, that was before.

One example of a nice celebrity whose talent is rarely heard is no other than Nicole Richie. She plays the violin and she sings, but why is her talent not noticed, aside from being a socialite? She’s a socialite, but why is her BFF Paris Hilton’s album more recognized?

The “Wendy Effect” proves that right. Arrogance will make you feel superior. Nicole Richie is down-to-earth, so it’s no doubt that her talent is not recognized. If you so happen to be ambitious, arrogance should always be there. Wait…

Anne Curtis is one example of an ambitious but down-to-earth actress. No wonder why she improved late. You’ll never ever hear some gossips that she’s mean or at least, a warfreak. She’s really an ethical woman with class.

How people reacted

Sly said, “They get what they want.”

Roxy supports, “They do it in different ways possible.

Answer: YES, I agree.

Well, it’s true, by the way.

The supporting argument

Well, “Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig” starrs two guys, namely Papa Piolo and Echo, together with their leading ladies Maricar Reyes and AA Klenk (aka Germs! HAHAHA Roxy’s statement supports the term! Nyaaaark!).

Heto lang masasabi ko: AA Klenk’s acting is decent, but I really don’t find her a really great actress. Now why was she received an award in Seoul? Simple: Eva Fonda. Well, what comes in to mind is this: Yuck, bastos.

Here’s the catch: I would simply compare her to Megan Fox, who keeps on objectifying herself… and the only thing is, Megan’s not a good actress. Worse, she’s not a decent actress. And to make things much more than worse? Megan’s boobjob, lip job and nose job is quite obvious… however, the good side is that, Megan has admitted her boob job, stating that “I want to have Salma Hayek’s boobs.” It should also be taken note that Megan Fox herself is more dissed because of excessive cussing. Well, does cussing make you look sexy? People will call you a pornstar if you do that.

Why do people think AA Klenk’s a damn good actress? WELL, she’s only good in being the Maria Ozawa of the Philippines, but thing is, Ozawa’s not being treated as a sex toy; people look up to her with respect. Why? Maria Ozawa never manifested a mean and rude behavior, and she seemed quite friendly in interviews.

Yes, that’s right. Ozawa may be the “butt of jokes” or something that sounds “bastusin” to the guys, but she was never branded as a “hubadera” despite being a real pornstar. Although she once said that she was sexually active, at least you won’t hear bad things against her (unlike Nozomi Sasaki, who was accussed of calling other models “fat”).

Real pornstars like the examples of Maria Ozawa never received bad comments simply because she isn’t mean and rude at the same time, I repeat. Also, I never heard people saying that she’s “arrogant.” Maybe because she’s in Japan, and the rest is history.

Conclusion: Maria Ozawa PWNZ AA Klenk in terms of respect.


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