The Jamich Issue: AA Klenk on the making…!?

If you’re not mistaken about the recent issue… after Beni Medici, Ahcee Flores… now who’s next on the line? Jamich. The Jam, actually.

Dear Jamich… na-BI ka na ba ni CR este Kubeta?

From my sources, Jamich is a famous couple in YouTube… and wait. I never heard of them.

Here’s the thing: Their official FB page said that this person named Mariz is so unprofessional… in cancelling the event, daw in DLSU-Dasma.

My take

Excuse me, ha. Tandaan niyo ang nangyari kina Beni Medici at saka may Ahcee Flores. Lalo na kay AA Klenk (search it on the net and you’ll see).

Name-dropping has always been a taboo in any sort of way. God forbid, you’re only rising stars, and yet… nagpapakita na kayo ng bad behavior.

If Ahcee Flores garnered fame simply because of lambasting Bisaya people, Beni Medici (of theindifferentmasochist fame) shamed USTe by describing the Thomasians as “bobo” at “iskwater” ang ugali. Like what I said, it’s alright to call anybody “conyo” and “jologs” for as long as it is an endearment, not a mockery.

Last but not least, AA Klenk’s lambastments against an ex-enemy because of a guy. Putchak! Everyone’s earning fame through their foolishness. You amount to nothing when you’re earning fame simply because of being a mean and rude person. Right, AA Klenk? It was when this cunt earned fame because of negative controversies. Well, I’m not mistaken with that one. Totoo namang spoiled brat siya, even before she earned fame because of “issues.” Dati, she’s nothing in StarStruck. Wala. Halatadong spoiled brat lang talaga siya.

To Jamich, learn these mistakes from the wicked trinity. To lambast someone means to earn fame through hatred, which is wrong. Other stars are actually slutty in real, although they’re hiding it. Looking at how Beni Medici ranted that USTe is a Catholic Church… it’s like being too… judgmental.

BTW, Jamich is a Benildean group. Once again, you shamed CSB.

You can’t please anybody but…

Alright. Truth is, you’re (Jamich) getting conceited.

To dear Jamich, rising stars put their best faces on. Showing your true colors wouldn’t help you win the trophy. Viewing the rivalry between DLSU and ADMU, I’m sure most Lasallians would team up with Tricia Gosingtian, just in case you’re compared to her. Tricia, if I were not mistaken, had this thought about the Philippines and being fashion-forward. Honestly, being fashion-forward in the Philippines ONLY applies to the elite and to the middle class people (IMO). At least she apologized, parang na-slip out from her tongue ‘yung sinabi niya. However, I understand her because she’s well-off, kahit sabihin nating may trabaho siya.

Daig pa kayo ni Ramon Bautista! Una pa lang ang kokorni niyo (looking at the posters)! xD


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