What is the feeling when one owns… a 5D Mark [specify Roman numeral]?

Whenever I see people owning a 5D Mark II, I feel so frustrated. DON’T lambast me because of the price! Actually, for me, owning a 5D Mark [insert Roman num. hier!] doesn’t necessarily have to make you a pro photographer. Truth is, some hobbyists and serious photographers choose to own one is because they think that the 5D has ALL those cool features a casual hobbyist won’t necessarily use. However, for me, I would always think that a person owning a 5D Mark II is someone who is “sosyal,” regardless of price.

Owning a full-frame is a different experience. BTW, my fella deviant hasn’t responded yet.

Expect the UNexpected: Cringing on the LACK of LCD articulation

Here goes: NO articulate LCD monitor (the usual thing I rant recently) and the 24 megapixel? It’s only 22.

However, the 3:2 3.2″ LCD monitor and the 100% VF are actually the plus points. However, it would be cooler if the LCD monitor’s ONLY articulate. Remember, it has no built-in vertical grip, it’s not a 1D high-end camera.

Define cameras after the release of the 60D: DAPAT LANG MAY ARTICULATE LCD, hindi ba? Well, no wonder, not even the Nikon D800 HAS the articulate LCD monitor.

The advantages of the articulate LCD is this: You capture something from the ceiling, and something that is really unique. Why can’t Canon give chances to pro photographers who want to take a picture of the ceiling? Do they HAVE to use the viewfinder alone, or just lie down and take a picture of the ceiling? What now if the ceiling has paintings? Jusme, parang ina-underestimate nila ‘yung mga high-end camera, like “High-end cameras do not have the right to have the benefits of their lower-end counterparts.” Parang, excuse me, ha? An object can NEVER be a royal blood. Why, is the 5D Mark III made of rare metals? Definitely not.

Articulate LCD monitors are best known for giving more benefits to the consumer. But… why can’t the pros enjoy the same thing? Do you think pro photographers should be matiyaga enough to lie down on the floor to take a picture of the ceiling? Pro photographers are PEOPLE too, and the KK should know that. Pro photographers do not have a relative named “Superman” or maybe… “Batman.” It’s like Canon saying, “Bahala na si Batman sa mga pros.”

Actually, even though professional photographers do their thing, at least give them the chance to have a break and enjoy the benefits rewarded to the consumer.

Should I have the 5D Mark III or not?

I’m not saying that I won’t buy the 5D Mark III simply because of its lack of LCD articulation. Well, I’m just asking your thoughts, if the 5D Mark III would be suitable for someone who experienced photography the digital way, even without passing through the film stage. Actually, I want to experience using a film camera as well, but just so you know, pro photographers think that digital photography has MORE benefits. Hmmm… wonder why?

Just in case you still don’t know, I’m pushing forward to the 5D Mark III. Swear, people will really cringe at me!


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