Snobbish women, are still NOTHING despite being overhyped

AND that is the solution to the current situation.

Psst… almost every snobbish woman has an irritating speech

NOW please tell me, why are they still “nothing” despite being overhyped?

1.) Alright, just so you know, people like AA Klenk or Garry Hawn are spoiled brats. Like, really? They’re so overhyped because of their bratty behavior… even offline.

Garry Hawn’s career is OVER. Now what makes people win? Simple: Spoiled brats like Paris Hilton right now earn MORE respect than some other people we know. Even AA won’t ever earn that same amount of respect.

2.) Alright, people who are “suplada” and have more enemies in real life are NOTHING, compared to those who are more approachable. Why? You’re the block leader, yet starting bullshit? Seriously, guys. Is that what you call a leader? Alright, she’s not our kababayan, but she manifested a secretly-conceited attitude. Well, for me, she’s still NOTHING compared to our senior year HS leader who is nicer.

3.) Osaka Monogatari’s Akio Hirata wouldn’t choose a snobbish woman as his wife. Yes, he’s demurely-nice, but his level of patience isn’t that enough to tolerate such a woman who won’t really make him free. Of course, Evrina won’t be the snobbish type of woman, so yeah.

4.) AA Klenk? She’s something? Sows, she’s just a spoiled brat like Garry Hawn. What did they achieve? Despite the fact that AA won an award in South Korea, what now if Koreans find out that she’s a cunt? S’yempre, we-welga na sila, BIG TIME! Alright, she’s really “good” in terms of acting. But… honestly, alongside Ross Andres, do you think, they’d be like Angelina Jolie? NO WAY. I think, even Erits is called, a “squatter” by my brotha. HAHAHAHA, funny, but true. Even rich roles don’t fit Erits.

Kung gusto talaga nilang maging artista, why can’t they just shut their mouths up!? Either way, they get their roles, simply because they’re spoiled brats. READ: Both Garry Hawn and AA Klenk are spoiled brats.

5.) Just so you know, why do people have to respect or simply, venerate these people? Gosh, it’s like saying that Victoria Beckham is the number one in the most beautiful despite being really… ordinary-looking.

It’s simple: Snobbish women are spoiled brats, for real

And the answer is… people coming from the poor and/or lonely background usually… become snobbish and conceited. That is… wrong.

Alright, people just over-hyped Ross simply because she belongs to a clan of actors. AA Klenk simply became famous because of the controversies. Erits? Gosh. It’s really obvious that these people are simply… spoiled brats. Garry Hawn is actually, simply butthurt. She has NO decent talent, she’s only a celebrity child. That’s it. Bar none.

People, why admire these people? Is it because they’re “attractive”? Trust me, they just became really… really… beautiful because of science. Ross? She’s not pretty before. She’s just ordinary-looking. AA? Mas lalo na. Erits? Pweh! Mukha parin siyang katulong!

People should learn from Garry Hawn why her career’s completely… OVER!


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