Y’know who you are (;

Note to Roxy: Err, this is my first blind item joke only. Honestly, I would only show some suspicious details, or maybe I’ll just PM/DM you the uh-hmm-ness? (;

To that… person

You are a hypocrite.

WERE you the one who called me mentally special? Oh, come on. You said, you’re going to say “sorry,” but what happened? You never thought that you broke someone’s heart.

How many enemies DID you have? Maybe 100? Gosh, thinking that you’re not going to do the “job” of the exhaust pipe, why are you sipping burning tobacco and blowing all the “shit” coming from that thing you’re “sipping” or lezzay… “suck”? You’re the one saying “eww” to that thing, but you just ate your words. You’re the one who sucks ass and y’know what? I’m giving up on you already.

I was expecting you’re going to say “sorry” towards me, but I never felt your sincerity. Then why are you asking me if I’m a retarded child or something!? Well, contrary to what people think, at least I am not a cunt!

To the chink (that’s right dude! You’re the target!)
…and please, don’t  call me a racist. [Clue: He’s a chink, he’s 180cm+ and of course, during the recent years he’s trying too hard to be a rock star. He’s a student.]

あなただけ知っている必要がある場合Guysは、なぜ私はので私は”西洋の世界”とは何かにさらされているという事実を、とてもよく私のブロックでない仲良くなかったんですが、真実は、彼らは、間違ったリーダーを選んだそして推測何か。あなたは今までの平均値と失礼だ誰かのために投票し、敵を持っていることの記録を持っていたでしょうか?率直に言って、私はあの人で見るでしょう – 望ましくない誰かを。あなたのいくつかは疑わしいものを知っていれば、それはすべての後に私の問題ではありません。重要な何ですか?あなたが考える人に比べてはるかに友好的だ、誰かがその位置に配置する必要があります。 [おやっ、すべてのbullsh* Tと私の屈辱を開始する話を、私はその男が首謀者であると仮定します。]

Cringes. [Go translate it at Google Translate!]

Thinking that I’m not a cunt, well, I’m making this something that you should read on.

I know you still hate me – even until now

Guess what? You’re trying so hard to be a rockstar, right? You got it, folks. He does the job of the exhaust pipe and make his head clean cut. To the ch*nk, I have MOVED on with the thing that caused our fight, but not the blog thing, ok? It is because of something you loved, and I just joined because of you. Now we’re broke. Gosh. Thinking that I’m still peeping at you, doing the job of the exhaust pipe — I’m brainier than you think. I always see in you that, you “don’t care.” Alright, you may call me whatever you want — but of course, remember you’re unattractive in some way, just don’t ask me how.

Now don’t expect me to forgive you; expect me to slap your face.

…and you said, “Alright, I will stop. I don’t have a life, huhuhu.”


Well, the reason why I wrote this is because… I want you to comment this time. GO AHEAD! Scream whenever you want! Sooner or later, your phone and the now-defunct MacBook laptop are only “second-hand,” or maybe… “tenth-hand.” I am NOT afraid of you.

You refused to ask me when I was on the hotseat.

…and in this question-asking website, you were screaming “rofl desperate retard stalker.”

No, I won’t include that “HW” anymore. Glad thing that was over.

Oh, before you leave: Just remember what I said. You’ll forever be a giant, nut-headed chink, with an exhaust pipe from the oral part of your whole self. 😉  I know you’re hiding against me because… just because. I’m not angry at you or maybe really addicted to you, because you’re a walking marijuana. And I’m giving up on you, cannabis!

PS: Just in case you’re going to block me in ANY way, remember, you’re not the young, sexy and controversial starlet. There’s the clue. You might not want to end up like that, right?


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