Disagree! Unfortunately… I couldn’t side with this one…

Yes, one of my blogger online buddies ko po si sssip of WordPress… and about “Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig,” unfortunately, I really, as in couldn’t side with this one (quoted from R. Silverio):

Ito namang si Cristine Reyes na kasama sa “Dahil Sa Pagibig”, nagustuhan namin eversince ma-meet namin siya in person, kasama ng bf niyang si Rayver Cruz sa wake ni AJ Perez (R.I.P.) last year. Nginitian kami ni Cristine at na-feel namin ang sinseridad niya sa pagngiti na yun. Bagay siyang makatambal na ni Piolo at Jericho Rosales.

Side Note: Sorry, bro. I really could not side with you.

I’ve seen her in person. She just looks the same like how we see her on TV (aka, ordinary face, boobs not as big as what we see on TV chowz!). Anyway, it is really against my will to see someone whom I really despise. Well, the only reason why she’s lay-low is because she has a BF (still siding with Roxy, no matter what happens).

Call me judgmental, but kulang ang mga achievements niya. Sows, akala mo naman as in marami na siyang pinagdaanan. Obviously, I still don’t find her acting as in really good. If she is really damn good in acting, she might as well have the acting style of some people like Juday, Claudine Barretto or any star who doesn’t force their speech in some sort of way.

Anong ‘achievement’!?

Pinaghihirapan ang acting. If you think marami na s’yang pinagdaanan, I’m sorry to say, but she’s a spoiled brat, ever since. HAHA, as if about talking achievements. Truth is, before she became famous because of the “issues” (sorry, but infamous nga pala), she’s nothing. Until now, she’s still… NOTHING. A NOBODY. Maraming magagaling na artista d’yan, but why she’s still on the top? Ang achievement lang niya is, “Sexiest Person.” That’s it. Bar none. She’s only known for her looks and body… but acting!? Gosh, her acting is still mediocre, but decent. Halatang pinipilit n’yang i-regulate ‘yung speech niya. She’ll always remain a young (but old-looking), sexy, controversial starlet.

If you want to be “respected” as an “actor,” make sure that your speech is NOT OBVIOUSLY forced.


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