Why Megan Fox is no longer the talk of the town

No wonder she revived the hot brunette stereotype.

I will NEVER ever watch Transformers 3, even though people would say that the new McKayla (spelling check please) is err… hotter. Megan should’ve NOT backed out. Promise, she wouldn’t be famous if not because of Transformers series.

Megan Fox is known for being so trying-hard to be edgy-seductive. Guys, cussing “fuck them because they don’t know shit” is like being so wild and really outrageous. Alright, call me traditional, but if you’re a woman, and a celebrity at the same time, you only use foul words off-cam. But being bad-mouthed to make you look more “sexy” makes you less sexy. Promise, Megan would’ve saved her career just in case she would minimize her cussing.

Regarding the nip-tucks things, Megan looks better without those surgeries. She has boobs, but why did she made it bigger!? Her lips are alright, but why make it bigger!? Now she’s a walking Barbie. People diss her because of those things: 1.) she cusses; 2.) nip-tucks.

Lastly, she objectifies herself rather than accepting the project offerings. She’s overshadowed by other stars simply because she backed out from Transformers. The series wouldn’t be that awesome without her presence. She should thank Transformers because they made her famous.


2 thoughts on “Why Megan Fox is no longer the talk of the town

  1. it should be noted that she is a Monarch Programming slave. It is no surprise she TRANSFORMED so drastically.

    BTW… I guess the reason she was fired from T3 coz she is now a POTENTIAL ANDROID. Her DRASTIC TRANSFORMATIONS making her lookin’ less human now.

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