A Spoiled Brat… and a show-off: That’s AA Klenk to you

As we know, AA Klenk is the young, sexy and controversial starlet we know: Honestly, she’s not only those words. She’s someone who is a spoiled brat and at the same time, pakitang-tao.

Cristine Reyes for you is beautiful? In a spectacular manner? Sexy, as in payat, pero boobsy? Maputi, as in pale white na halos mabubura lahat ng features niya!? Gosh, don’t you even know that she’s simply a spoiled brat? Spoiled brat: Well, first of all, halos hosting, singing and anything… nasubukan niya. Eh, scandal? Ganun na rin ‘yun!

That person is actually plastic-fantastic. Hindi porke’t maganda, the thing that pops out to your mind is Cristine Reyes kaagad! Kahit kailan, well, I will never be a fan of her. And just in case you call me jealous, well, NO. Y’know, sumikat lang talaga siya ng aktwal because of the issues! Halatang papansin, and she’s desperate for fame. And the boyfriend thing!? The padeny-deny pa siya, and the rest’s history!? She’s obviously pakitang-tao, and whatever shit she does, it’s nothing.

It is really sad for the most of us to know why people like her are promoted and shit. However, there are some people who’re speaking up like, “Cristine Reyes as leading lady in a teleserye!? What a classic epic failure.” And not to mention this:

CR Is A Joke said:

Cristine was dropped from GMA because of her attitude problem, so her behaviour is no surprise at all. She has had a history of getting into fights with other actresses, mostly because of some guy, and she is at it again. There’s a big difference between being frank and being rude and vulgar. Cristine Reyes publicly smeared Sarah Geronimo without even knowing the facts first or talking to her first. Marian Rivera at least has the guts to face the person she has a problem with and she doesn’t publicize it for the whole world to see. Whatever people say about Marian, she is a frank person and the only time she has ever been known to get into arguments is when ae palengker person is being rude to her face. People criticize Marian Rivera for being palengkera, but Cristine Reyes is the trua here. She can’t take criticism or even a joke, and yet she has no problem dissing others publicly. Source.

Compare Cristine and Marian’s feistiness, at least ‘yung kay Marian, nasa lugar at saka, the Spaniards are really well-known to be irritable people. People think that Marian is “malaki ang ulo,” but one of the things you’ll appreciate about her is that, she’s a comedic relief, no wonder. Marian is never the type of person who is the tipong “walang sinasanto” which is quite evident to a person like AA.

Matagal naman talagang may attitude problem si AA, eh. I’d say, tama ‘yung quote na naiiba ang pagiging prangka sa pagiging bastos. Eh, matagal naman ding walang modo si AA, ah. What’s new about it, eh?

Yes, AA is somehow, histrionic in behavior. She acts like a drama queen when ranting, na parang tumapilok lang sa hagdan habang stiletto ang sandals mo. No wonder, people don’t take her seriously as a public figure. Parang, she’s only known to be a “visual art” rather than an encyclopedia or a holy book. Bangingi siya, but Marian? Marian is still for a laugh in being bangingi, but AA? Yuck. Much worse, and more irritating. Pa-effort pang maging joke ang bangingi-an niya? Gosh, cheap parin siya, compare naman kay Marian.

…another news flash: Is it true that AA and her BF split up?

I’d say… well, y’know naman, ARTISTA.

Well, I’d say she’s still a histrionic spoiled brat, kaya siguro na-karma siya for some reason. But, oh well.


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