AA Klenk rants again… the usual!

Ever since, I never found Cristine Reyes as a frank and feisty (prangka at palaban) person. I always found her to be an attention-seeking, media-manipulating famewhore, who will just create issues to put her on the spotlight. She would be a homewrecker and be the more jealous one to give her big breaks… sigh.

Of course, she ALWAYS had an attitude problem. Her “beauty” is of course, “Salamat Doc,” and no matter how she undergoes the knife, KAHIT for the NTH time pa ‘yan, mas kinakelangan parin i-PHOTOSHOP (Hello heal tool! ROFL) ang ugali niya.

Not only those things… but she’s a BIG TIME HYPOCRITE! No wonder, she often contradicts her own actions.

If she were an ANIMAL, she’d not only be a BOAR, PIG, or err… SNAKE… but she’d also be a BUWAYA (crocodile). HAHAHA… crocodile… crocodile tears! EWWWW!

If Roxy would read the issues (the recent ones!), she would rant about it better, and more intense. It’s like a roller-coaster ride. ((: Since I’m initiating opinions, lemme tell you that she might do the job better. I’m just doing the rants for the LULZ (a dose of humor, insult comedy).


2 thoughts on “AA Klenk rants again… the usual!

  1. Hah! You know me! BTW, sorry kung late na ako. Ang dami kong kakariran eh. Tang-ina talaga si AA, shit!

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