AA Klenk the cult leader

Dear AA Klenk,

You’re going to the level of the cult leader. CULT leader for what?

To her PANS, read the article to understand DIS.

D’artikel reeten bai Ka Peet — DISKOBERI TSANEL

I totally agree with Pete Ampoloquio, Jr. about what he wrote about AA Klenk. THAT she’s make-up dependent. That she’s a product of science, everything.

Now lemme quote to you some important “NOTES.”

Sa totoo, without your make-up on, and without the help of Vicki Belo, you are exceedingly plebeian.

I have to agree with you, but to correct things, she endorsed Cathy Valencia, NOT Vicki Belo. That Vicki Belo term is toooo generic. Salitang kolokyal ang matatawag ko dun. I’d say, without make-up, AA Klenk completely looks like a ghost. DAIG pa nga siya ng totoong white lady, eh. Kahit nakakatakot ang totoong white lady, eh mas matatakot tayo dapat sa buhay pero mukha namang mas malala pa sa white lady, hindi pa? AT, idagdag niyo pa ang ugaling buwaya!

Nakita ko lang naman ang pag-uugali n’yong dalawa and comparing it, lost ka niya in terms of good breeding, social graces, caring for your mom, among other things.

Huwag ka ring mag-ilusyon na piniperahan si Ate Ara mo ng mga lalake dahil gawain mo ‘yun!

Kuha mo? Itanong mo kaya kay Rayver Cruz. Hahahahahahahaha!


HAHAHA! Disregard errr… sentences 2 and 3, just focus on 1 and 4.

Honestly, Ara Mina was NEVER cheap. May class and grace pa nga siya eh, kung tutuusin, kahit sabihin nating pornstar siya. Ara was a social climber and a homewrecker, but she never resorted to constant catfights. At least, may delicadesa naman ang mga tulad niya.

Ang mga tulad mong synthetic lang ang ganda, dapat, nararapat at karapat-dapat lang na naka-emyas to-the-max dahil di ka naman naturally beautiful like your Ate Mina.

The last sentence I would give. WELL, AA was homely-looking during Starstruck. Ni hindi ko pa nga siya kilala nun, eh. AND… hindi naman siya pansinin. TINGNAN lang natin kung umitim siya, ah!

Comments… and we’re almost THERE

From Leonore Rolle,

how come ABS CBN didn’t do anything to reprimand this so called starlet cristine reyes.dapat yan tigbakin kasi talagang walang modo ang starlet na yan.I can’t forget what she did with Sarah g that time.at least si Sarah g mabait na anak kaya maraming blessings na dumadating sa kanya at masunurin bata.kudos to her parents who raised her so well.what about cristine reyes na isang pokpok, di na nga virgin and I agree with what you said she looks like a gay,pangit maputi Lang kasi.dapat yan mawala na sa showbiz! But just to let you know, sila pa rin ni rayver yata kasi may pasalubong pang mga bra and undies si rayver sa kanya.isang pang lalaki na walang delikadesa na ang piniling babae pakakak.puro kamunduhan ang gusto kay a kademonyohan na babae ang nakuha.amen!

Haha! Agree with you! That young, sexy and controversial starlet called AA by people cannot be reprimanded by DOS itself because she’s “frank,” “outspoken KUNO,” and ideal girl, I think. Actually, she’s nothing for me except for being a LIVING SEX TOY na pinagsawaan ng maraming tao. Kulang na lang si PNoy pumatol d’yan… but I guess PNoy will NEVER EVER f*ck a sex toy like her… lol.

…another comment from Leonore…

I agree that no matter how nice a star is, they all have their “diva moments” and “insecurities” but for cristine to say those words to her sister is intolerable. She only showed how ill mannered she is.am just wondering why some fans still like her bec being outspoken or frank can be done in good taste.I don’t believe that bec she doesn’t give the writers any gifts they’ll side with Ara Mina.it’s how you treat the reporters that matters.cristine recess is one starlet that I really hate bec of her cheap manners.we don’t need to know more what transpired between them but just from what she texted ara Mina can show her real color. Pls fans of cristine wake up! Abs cbn and viva film needs to wake up as well.we don’t a starlet like her as another star can fill her shoes.

BERI WELL said, Leonore-san! That “starlet” will always remain a soft-porn starlet, and nothing else will add. Ara Marie Cristine Pascual Reyes Klenk, otherwise known as Cristine Reyes/AA Klenk, is NOT frank and feisty.

To quote roxyisferox again (yes she’s addressing AA Klenk!)…

I think you are suffering from Pseudologica Fantastica, wherein you have a habit lying. Yeah, bitch! You are a liar. And I mean you have a vicious cycle of pretending to be pure and kind…

another quote:

Calling them “plastic” just because you think of them as dubious does not make you look “totoong tao”, ‘coz certainly you are not.

AA Klenk is NEVER frank and feisty. Well, she will do anything to be praised. EXCUSE D’F*CK ME!? D’yosa ba siya… or lezzay… mukha ba siyang dyosa? NO! There is NO WAY I’ll call her a goddess. Like other stars, she IS plastic. Tupperware. Orocan. POLYMER. Y’name it all!

The real frank and feisty people I would consider are those who ADMIT their plastic surgeries. AA never even uttered that she had a NOSEJOB, BOOBJOB and bleaching! If she didn’t pay a gazillion pesos for that nip-tuck makeover, she would look like a slave. That’s right, folks! Mas mukha pa nga siyang mahirap kumpara mo naman kina Nikki Gil, Bianca Gonzales, and other brown-skinned people who could appear MORE ELEGANT than a cheap-ass cunt!

I don’t get why people praise her for being outspoken? Outspoken mukha ninyo! Pakunwaring pure person but truth is, nilaspag na ‘yan ng yosi-like men. I thank Mr. Ampoloquio for expressing his thoughts about the cheap-ass cunt’s shit actions. Shit talaga, eh. Sh*t!

AA Klenk the cult leader

People worship her for her “fake,” “plasticized” looks. LOL, she looks more of a Barbie doll than any other stars there. MAS MUKHA PA NGA ‘atang Barbie doll ‘yan kumpara sa mga Koreanang nagpa-retoke ng bonggang-bongga, eh. For most people out there, Koreans who underwent surgery are usually victims of their society’s expectations. But AA? It’s for f*cking self-gratification. She should sincerely thank Him for the blessings, not for her atrocities against people. I’m not being judgmental, but being judgmental has to mean = person without any background –> creating stories behind that person, whether true or not.

I understand the fact about AA’s upbringing that she never experienced the real Klenk-Reyes upbringing. However, if she really wanted to become a “star,” she should learn to CLEAN THE EFF UP before starting something. Her acting sucks dick, to be frank. I have to admit, her acting is like, parang binasa lang ang lines, and that’s it! All she knows is to show off the body, and do pole dancing (I assume, ginawa na n’ya dun dati pa). Her singing? Don’t ever get me f*cking started on that! Her voice is sooooo… GAY. She has NO f*cking talent. Wala. Her acting is LESS than average, and don’t gemme started again, I AM NOT JEALOUS!

For the love of gawd, she never earned fame on her own way. Di bale, kasi kapatid ng artista naman siya, eh. That’s it!

Actually, I stopped following that shit person. For good. She’s just a show-off and shows the hypocrisy in her. WHY CAN’T she show off her true colors, eh?

(to be continued)


5 thoughts on “AA Klenk the cult leader

  1. I hate Pete Amploquio the way he makes okray, but the way he writes his articles is fun enough to read. While I hated him for making okray of Angel Locsin and lately, Marian Rivera, I’m having fun reading the article concerning (concerning daw o! hakhakhak!) AA. True enough, MAKAPAL TALAGA MUKHA NI AA. Granted na pathetic ang ginawang pag=iyak iyak ni Ara, but the thing is, wala siya sa kinalalagyan niya ngayon kung hindi dahil sa Ate niya. I don’t need to mention that her Ate Ara is waaaay more talented than AA Skanky. Ara Mina is not a perfect singer, but she CAN SING. Kakilala namin sa Provident nagkwento sa parents ko na nung bata si Ara, nag-undergo pa nga ng singing lessons with my parent’s choir master eh. Also, hindi niya nililimit ang sarili niya sa kung ano ang alam niya. Hindi nakatapos si Ara, hindi rin siya perfect, but expanding siya, kahit mabaonbaon sa utang. I won’t imagine if AA can survive if she goes on the same shit as her ate.

  2. Since I’ve read the entire article, since feeling ni AA cheap ang mga katulad ni Lolo Pete, kaya lang ang tanong? Kerihin kaya ni AA ang malalim na English ni Lolo Pete? Baka duguin lang ang plastikada niyang ilong, baka lalo siyang mamutla ang magmukhang white lady. Hakhakhakhak!

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