AA Klenk the cult leader 2

So, I don’t f*cking get it why people are looking in AWE with AA’s beauty, hotness and shit, but look guys… she’s a cult leader. She’s like Felice Fawn, but well… Felice Fawn admitted about her birth name which is Lauren Emma Cook, finally. She was forced to admit everything simply because of the hate and lulz against her (hallo? Browses own TAG?).

In Twitter, goddamn, she’s a f*cking show-off! She loves people to admire her (despite her shitty, crappy and stinky attitude a’ryt) goddess features. GODDESS yer peyz! Y’know that unlike her one-san, she never had any talent. AT LEAST her ate CAN SING more, and she’s are more reputable recording artist. AA Klenk the recording artist? Well, if I were NOT mistaken, her voice is again, GAY. G-A-Y.

And me couz thinks she’s “pretty” without makeup!? Like WTF!? SHIT, ambaba naman masyadowwww ng istandardz niya. Kung tutuusin naman, mas fresh naman si Yeng Constantino at saka sina Mikki Fudolig (even Miley Cyrus lol) kesa sa cheap-ass na living white lady kuno! Guys, I would’ve approved AA’s everything if she only learns to BEHAVE. She never behaved. She started all the bullshit and she made it an issue… that’s what we call it the REAL attention famewhore. WHORE, y’name it. Ara Marie Cristine Pascual Reyes Klenk is no other than a f*cking cheap whore. CUNT. SLUT. Sorry to Ate Hazel Reyes (Ms. Ara Mina) and to Madam Frances Klenk, but although we are not close, at least you should have a hint or two about AA. Truth is, she dissed you before. You must do something to teach her a lesson, the hardest way possible.

…and what DARNA, huh? Eww, maybe the Darna we will watch is no other than a skank who does not empower women. WHY AA, DOS!? If I know, pinagtatakpan niyo lang siya, eh, just for the sake that MAS tumaas pa ‘yung reytings niyo. You do not feature the more deserving people like Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo and any other reputable stars right there. What you feature are those who do not EVEN show a good example to the youth.

I read the management member’s Twitter post…

LUL! Aminadong proud bad girl!? Well, OO, but in a sense that DAPAT proud bad girl na at least, protective. At least, tunay na palaban. PRANGKA. May dignidad. At HIGIT PA SA LAHAT, magandang reputasyon. I think the MANEYDJment of ABS-CBN just keeps this cunt named AA Klenk is simply because they are at AWE about her sultriness. Hijo de p*uta naman, oh! The person who replied at least, IS BEING BRUTALLY HONEST. LOL, yes, like what I said, the first person who posted that tweet might be a victim of AA’s pleasure to f*ck the bosses. I know that she won’t have a career without f*cking someone, NOT even that Pyotr gay is spared from that dilemma. I know, the bosses of DOS are deceived by her “innocent,” “pure” and “angelic” face, with the demon inside.

Lemme tell you that she’s a “proud bad girl” because she loves to conduct those shit catfights with women when she IS the real person who steals men and tortures those innocent ladies. Carlene and SG, anyone?

Shit, man! Mas marami pang magaganda at deserving na artista KUMPARA niyo naman sa isang bukakang-ewan na si AA. Hindi porke’t mabait sa TV ay plastik na kaagad (well, except for the likes of Toni Gonzaga, or even Mariel Rodriguez!). Look at Gerald Anderson, Xian Lim… err… even those who are also nice in person and on TV: Alright, call them “issue-prone,” but these people are like err… not being hindered with the issues. The media, according to PNoy is like “talangka.” Agree with PNoy although I really despise this guy and think of him as a joke. Although PNoy is showbiz, at least he criticizes the shits of the media. Back to the good guys inside and out.

Alright, Sarah Geronimo never had a catfight with other people, but why could a shit person like AA attack her like, “Move on!” and… “Show your true colors in real life, huh?” It’s because AA’s fucking guilty as hell! She’s the one who’s bitter and insecure with SG because SG is talented, bubbly and somehow an established superstar. KAYA siya kinakampihan nina Megastar, Juday… at mga ibang premyadong tao. LOL, AA. Halata sa’yo na attention whore ka lang, eh. So what you did to DOS? You deceived them. You’re the evil temptress who wants to fuck with the bosses to earn lots cash. EH BA’T KA PA hihingi ng utang sa ate mo, ha? Dear, start finishing your schooling first so that you’ll know how fucking hard college is. I know, 12 units pa lang bagsak ka na. Well, bagsak na ang worth mo as a person. ‘Yun na ‘yon.

…and what God-fearing person? Shit! Not even Him would forgive you if you’re not yet changing (with humble sincerity). Ayan ka na naman. Ipokrita! Granted that you call me judgmental, but I’m not the one who judges people if they’re nice to me, BE IT A BACKFIGHTER or someone who is tolerant. Showing that you’re a “real person” doesn’t actually make you a real person. In fact, it only makes you look more pathetic. Yes, cunt. You’re PATHETIC.

To the madlang people, define TOTOONG TAO. A real person admits his/her wrongs, his/her everything, be it something na sarcastic, or maybe their nip-tucks. Alright, Osang may be “prangka,” but I never thought her as prangka, but AT LEAST, she is right now manifesting something that indicates her improvement on her behavior. At least, for Osang, she cleaned up her act. With the surgery thing, she doesn’t need to explain na retokada siya. Friend nga siya ni Lola Vicki, hindi ba (o baka mamaya me tinatago siya, huh)? (Unlike Katrina Halili, RR Enriquez, Phoem Barranda, KitKat, etc., who AT LEAST admits their nip-tucks!)

AA is NOT, for the love of gawd, a totoong tao. Ni mga retoke niya, ‘di man lang niya kayang aminin. Alright, to tell you the painful truth, she only underwent a very costly surgery just to look like her big sister. Period. Gosh, ni hindi ko man lang siya namukhaan sa Starstruck, eh (never a fan of StarStruck, sorry about that, roxyisferox).

Also, AA can NEVER be as funny and kalog like Marian Rivera (or her ate!). Marian is really a very funny person and she has proven her talent as a comedienne. With regards to ate Hazel, she was featured in Bubble Gang. Kaya siya funny, eh. Boldstar siya, but at least she’s more respectable and she never ever had a serious, frequent catfight. Sorry kung compare mode ako, ah.

And also, I don’t get why Tito Boy admires a cheap skank like AA. Mataas pa naman ang respeto ko sa kanya, but to admire AA because she’s “prangka”? Isa ka pa Tito Boy, ah! Hindi ka talaga marunong pumili! Hindi ka marunong tumingin, and what suplada? Hindi porke’t suplada, totoong tao na kaagad? Sirvenguenza! Tingin mo “nice” si AA? D’fuck oh!

The Buzz… shit!

AA, makikipag-ayos na sa ate niya!? HOW SURE is The Buzz, ne?

Makipag-ayos na nga siya, at dapat hindi joke ‘yan! Kung gusto mong makipag-ayos sa ate mo, better first be malaos para makita mo kung GAANO kahirap maging isang pulubi. Mayaman ka na, pero dahil ‘yan sa kantutan mo with the bosses. Kung hindi dahil sa Ate mo, you’re NOTHING. You’re absolutely nothing. Kaya dapat magpasalamat ka at may mabait kang ate, because truth is, you never did earn your fame on your own. Sumunod ka lang sa yapak AT umasa ka lang sa kasikatan ng ate mo, and that’s about it!

Quoting my favorite blogger again:

She is in Bora, right? Nagpapalipas ng galit? Ano pa ba ang dapat niyang ipagpalipas while she created ALL THESE HULLABALOO, and not ARA? It was she who provoked Ara to turn to media, slap her a lawsuit for libel and defamation, and revealing what kind of  ‘dongsaeng’ she is. Remember the shenanigan she went thru between her and RR Enriquez, Sarah Geronimo and Sharon Cuneta? She started it all. She made it worse.

Totoo naman, eh, hindi ba? Don’t deny everything, these are ALL TRUE. They’re not false, fake or any forged documents that were manipulated. Stop calling AA a frank and feisty fighter. BECAUSE SHE’S NOT.

She is in BORA just to save face. Sa interview while in Bora, she saved face. EH, kitang-kita naman sa boobs at sa ilong niya, eh. PLASTIC. Ganun ang ugali niya… with that all caps word with seven letters that is synonymous with polymer. Admit it, she’s the OTHER woman. She should be the KARA in No Other Woman, but it’s too late already. She fucked with the bosses. She got the good person role. Anak naman ng pating.

Maybe DOS is intimidated with her two-faced personality. Nice on the outside, mean on the inside. KAYA NILA SIYA PINAGTATAKPAN because she might commit suicide if she becomes laos. She wants to earn more fame, and to teach children how to be RUDE, malibog, hubadera and the worst? To commit PMS, even at the age of TEN. Is that what you call a role model, DOS? (Yes, people. I have grudges against DOS because they would entertain their “queen” who is a cunt. LOL)

(to be continued. We’re not yet done with the whole story)

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