I didn’t informed…!? AA Klenk’s history of poor grammar!

Alright, so everyone’s really veeeeeeerrrryyyy… critical and observant about AA Klenk’s poor grammar. It reflects on the way she speaks, and it’s really laughable.

AA Klenk: Shit speech, it sucks, dick

According to me fave blogger again,

“Her speech quality is NOT good for the love of humanity.”

“She is iskwater.”

OPKORS, I do agree with these statements. Papano naman, si AA walang ka-finesse finesse magsalita, lalo na ‘yung sa Versa-CHE thing? So people thought she pronounced it the WRONG way. EH KASI NOMON, walang ka-peeness-peeness kung magsalita. Parang bangingi tuloy.

Even another person is aware of AA’s nickname because of her duuuuurty shit ways.

From babesroque… source

bagay nga sa iyo ang nickname na AA, parang “pupu” pati ugali mo.

Gagix! Dis is very funny and really hilarious. AA Klenk is known for her shit ways as a person. Tengene! Sinabi mu na derecho ‘yung parang “shit” ang ugali mo!

HAHAHA, AA Klenk’s speech is iskwater! Nako, if the Muslim people know her as a person, they might put her to jail and beat her! LAWL! Also, regarding her speech, the European people will say, “BOOHOO!”

C’mon, AA! I know you have wrong gramming.


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