Why the hype? Frank and feisty equals boom baram ek ek?

Alright, so Nadia Montenegro filed a case against Annabelle Rama for putting her kids into child labor and interfering their school schedule for 40 hours!? I have nothing against the fat Nadia but she’s going too pathetic! She’s just making up shit just to defame the Bisaya fist.

Mrs. Gutierrez won’t ever make her talents suffer that way. Nadia? Telling the truth!? NA siya ang… well, here goes: Eh ogags pala siya, eh! Kung pina-bantay niya ke Tita Annabelle ang kanyang mga anak (minors), why the hype? Why’d she do that!? User much?

Si MonteN*GGA talaga, oo. USER pala siya, eh! Sisiraan niya lang si Bisaya fist para lang sumikat! ULUL ka, balloon! Hindi mo sana pinabantay ke Bisaya fist ‘yung mga anak mo kung ganito lang ang mangyayari.

I think Mrs. Gutierrez wouldn’t create shit against her talents. Kung ang statement niya ay, “Ay, sakit lang sa ulo ‘yung boldstar,” well, at least nagsasabi siya ng saloobin niya, wholeheartedly. Actually, Annabelle Rama is one of the former models-turned-talent managers, which is a successful move, for a comic, feisty mom of famous personalities. Y’may blame her for “spoiling” Ruffa Gutierrez and the others, but it’s not her fault that pinalaki sa US ang mga ‘yon. Granted that the US is a very liberated country, so there’s the 911. Well, it was a good move that they went back to the PH for GOOD. Mrs. Gutierrez even despised that Yilmaz Bektas for being a wife-beating arse. Good grief, hindi pala legal ‘yung marriage nila Ruffa and that Turkish sadist.

Annabelle Rama is an example of a true frank and feisty person. Wala siyang inuurungan. She doesn’t give up until she wins the battle. At least, she s a just and fair person, unlike the others, who create stories. That means, sinisiraan lang siya. PERIOD.

Tell me that not all Bisaya (spec. Cebuanos out there) are feisty. It just so happened that Annabelle Rama herself never had a happy childhood, kaya it urged her to be a soldier for life. See? She followed the yapak of Manny Villar… to become successful. (Side Note: Dapat si Sen. Villar na lang maging pangulo, eh! At least, he will continue the goal of Carlos P. Garcia to prioritize Filipino business. I admire Carlos P. Garcia for being a real nationalist — the Filipino First Policy, that is.)

Well, Annabelle Rama is one of the feisty people who deserves MORE than respect (but not really veneration huh) compared to those who are show-offs (y’know who that is!).


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