If RY is still alive… what does he think about AA? Hmm…

Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan. What comes into/out from your mind when you hear that one?

RICO YAN. For crying out loud lol!

Of course, if Rico Yan hears that there is a prostitot who is being overrated and overexposed to the audience, he’ll really cringe. He will of course, openly criticize people like AA Klenk, that she’s “not gonna be a good example for children.”

Putcha! Ba’t pa naman si Cristine Reyes ang magiging DARNA! Hindi siya bagay, kasi parang taga-GRO lang na nagko-cosplay ng superhero, hindi ba? Eh, ‘pag nakita ni Alodia ang ganyan, INSULTO na kaagad sa kanya ang ganyan!

That’s right, people! Alodia might have a headache and suddenly collapse when she notices AA Klenk being the Darna. I bet, even her little sister will surely rage out! She might post this under “rants,” that “AA Klenk is NO way to insult Philippine cosplay like this! BOO!”

Back to RY.

RY will surely be disgusted once AA is the Darna, for sure. He won’t approve someone who had a bad, shitty history about reputation, character, anger management and atrocities. Oh, and please don’t forget, Rico Yan might not think she’s “pretty.” He might think that she’s “synthetically-designed” as a sex slave.

If Rico Yan died at the age of 27, he is still youthful. He never aged, even before his life ended tragically. However, if AA would reach 27 years old, EXPECT that she will look more like of a Barbie doll, only in a wax figure, that is. HAHAHA, one of me Twitter buddies said that AA has tattooed eyebrows (I thought they’re just dyed and pencil-ed) and looks so GAY. HAHAHAHA not new to me, but the fact that her singing voice is GAY, WTF ROTFLMAO… I have to say that AA is like a living polymer. FUDGE, nakakaumay fezz niya!


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