Lea Salonga’s comment to Anne Curtis: It isn’t actually a negative remark

Idol ni Anne Curtis si Lea Salonga, and I have to assume that inspirasyon ni Anne ang idol niya kahit hindi siya ganun kagaling sa pag-awit.

However, Lea said, “What singer? Could you check your ears, please?”

It may sound haughty, but not really. Lea is already an established artist, so expect that she will give a remark, whether it is positive or negative. You may compare her to Simon Cowell, but with Simon, it is understandable. He IS a music critic, and if he gives a positive remark, he thinks that you’re REALLY GREAT. That’s how he gives a remark.

As for Lea, artists who work hard for their craft should feel insulted when people think of themselves as singers, but doesn’t have the voice to do so. HAHA, I do not consider myself a singer, but come on! I may have the voice, but not really. The K-Pop management should at least, learn a thing or two from the Broadway songstress.

Well, between Paris Hilton and Scarlett Johansson, I think Paris CAN sing although she doesn’t have a very great voice. Shuma-Sharon lang, ah. Sharon Cuneta is a singer, but that’s because she CAN sing, but her voice isn’t as great as Lea Salonga or Regine Velasquez.

You may cringe for Lea’s haughtiness, but you can’t blame her for that. For one, she grew up in a batas-militar environment. She’s an Ateneo graduate. Everything. Hindi lang basta-basta sosyalin ang background niya. AND her work ethic is also very strict as well. Dunno kung structured, but if you think it’s structured, well… so be it. AND lastly, she wasn’t raised in an Asiatic environment (well… Asians are known for being indirect and err… very mum about their real thoughts unlike Westerners, who are really frank and direct about their thoughts).

BTW, conceited is used to someone who insults other talented people. As for Lea, she is just… haughty, but like what I said, you can’t blame her for that. Ni Willie Revillame o si AA, pwede na niyang laitin, eh!

Me reaction at GaGa’s ban at Indonesia and S. Korea

It’s not her fault if she sings songs that are blasphemous, but here’s the thing with most idols that we know: They’re actually infected with the virus of the Illuminati. Period.

The illuminati is already making the minds of people like Rihanna and Gaga really… blasphemous. No wonder, they become objects of slavery. You can’t blame them.

Well, just in case roxyisferox would blog about this, I hope she blogs about this. She could explain it better than I do.

To Roxy, you’re the one who could blog about Gaga’s being banned in South Korea and Indonesia. Haha, I really cannot blog about the Illuminati thing, and please let the Indonesian people and the Koreans be informed why they had the guts to ban her. (;

Angelica Picache or Mayette Cantiveros? LOL

Bakit halos sa mga straight masyado ang katawan ay dako’g totoy? Piangpala ba talaga sila o… wait lang ha! Me Hollywood stars na may mukha pero walang korte ang katawan…

1.) Angelina Jolie – sexiest woman in the world? Nah, I don’t think so. Tingnan niyo naman, kahit payat siya, straight ang katawan niya.

2.) Charlize Theron

3.) Selena Gomez

4.) Zhang Ziyi – most yellow-raced people, actually! LOL!

5.) Kate Hudson – HAHAH! Maskulada masyado, pero wala paring korte!

Local naman tayo…

1.) Angelica Panganiban

2.) Cherry Pie Picache

3.) Gina Pareno


News GOSH! AA’s new Twitter banner/profile!

Excuse me, cunt. But you’re not really making any sense AT ALL.

Do you think “God” will accept a “proud bad girl” like ewe? Gosh, talk about being bad-ass and at the same time, a “warrior.” You ain’t a warrior, man. You’re like the cabaret girl pole-dancing. You love to attract men through your naked body and lick their asses off… and do the “fellatio.”

Talk about being a hypocrite, AA. You’re only using the name of the Lord in vain. Trust me. You’re not going anywhere.

The rift in NAIA: Gosh, a la Tekken lang ang peg, huh?

HAHAHA, nakakahiya talaga kayong mag-asawa! BOO!

The story goes this way

The baggage? Naiwan. The FA and the staff? Shit! Binastos pa ni Barretta! Tapos biglang dumating si Mon Tulfo, siya pa ‘yung nag-paparazzi, sinugod pa ni Raymart. Hindi na makabangon si Mon, sinugod parin at binanatan ni Barretta, eh! HAHA! Cheap-ass c*nt. I’m sure ikakahiya ka ng mga anak mo!

Twitter reactions

Jusko! Maraming galit ke Barretta. Papano naman kasi, cheap! Halos hindi talaga sila magkalayo ni AA ng ugali. Right, La Greta?

Shameful. Really very shameful. If I were on THAT situation, I’d rather not bitch out, be it on celeb status or NOT.

Yes, I am on Andi’s side. Sorry guys.

MissSummer of PEP said:

To all who bash Andi, you need to SHUT UP. Andi is a responsible mother. She didn’t back down, hindi nagpa-abort, pinanindigan ang actions nya and yes she made a mistake pero responsible naman. Whats wrong with going to a BAR? NOTHING. whats wrong with having fun with friends and taking a break? Whats wrong with having a little night life? Whats wrong with taking a break? Motherhood is hard and isolating so whats wrong with going to a bar? She’s in her twenties, she can do whatever she wants. She’s not 80! Also hindi naman sya nagba-bar or nagpa-party weekly, hindi naman sya kasama ng iba’t ibang boys every week. To be honest, Albie deserves what he got and more. Sya ang iresponsible na father, walang conscience, walang sense of responsibility. Kulang pa nga ang nakuha nya. Nakabuntis then ayaw ng responsibility, pero sya free to roam anywhere? Albie you need to be a MAN and grow up. Albie goes to bars whenever pero hindi nyo bina-bash. Thats not fair. Now Albie is crying acting like a victim.

from malaya2007 of PEP:

albie is a typical brat and mamas boy, yung tipong magaling mang-asar pero pag komprontahan na tago sa saya ng nanay nya, remember his blog accusing the girl of being flirty tapang nya sa blog nung lumaki na nag gulo nanay ang humarap, ngayon naman tapang mag-inis nung mabugbog si nanay na naman ang naka front.So what if hes only 19 he’s brave enough to do what people older than him does, let him face the consequences. Wala sa idad yan iresponsable lang ho talaga ang anak nyo mrs. casino


Let us see kung ma-f*ck niya si CR. Siguro tuwang-tuwa si CR niyan!