Andi Eigenmann and her friends EFFED up Albie’s nite!?

HAHA! Albie Casino’s PWNED!|HAHAHA, confirmed!

Hoy Albie the big-nosed bastard! Buti nga sa mukha mo! Well, off-topic muna but Frank Magalona cleared that he wasn’t with Andi Eigenmann during the night in Fiamma (!?) bar. Oh sige, call Andi a whore for being AT THE BAR rather than doing her duties as a mother, but it’s NOT her fault that she was beaten by this big-nosed bastard. Nako, kung buhay pa si Antonello nito, maybe he might avoid his buddy Albie just for a while.


Sorry for misjudging, Mrs. Casino. 😦 NAKO, I didn’t expect that masasaktan pala ang isang inang may anak na me topak. ABS-CBN talaga oo! Pati ba naman ang pinakamamahal na kapatid ni Saab Magalona idadamay pa sa issue!

Dati pa siyang suplado, ah

I followed him in Formspring before. Dun pa lang makikita ‘yung attitude niya. No wonder, crush niya pala si kulangot girl na si AA, eh. HAHA, dapat naging sila na lang para just in case magkagulo, mawasak na ‘yung mukha ni AA with the flower vase. No joke. Kaya lang niya crush si AA (oo sorry isisingit ko na naman ang impaktang imburnal) is because, of her shit attitude!

Usually, most AAdiks or fans of AA or who admires AA are butthurt people. Rude. Walang modo. They love her because “she’s a bitch without breeding and she’s a total hypocrite. No wonder, she’s a denial queen.”

To Albie: Aminin mo na! You’re just a spoiled rich kid who isn’t a good BF after all!


Rudeness is not allowed

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