Me reaction at GaGa’s ban at Indonesia and S. Korea

It’s not her fault if she sings songs that are blasphemous, but here’s the thing with most idols that we know: They’re actually infected with the virus of the Illuminati. Period.

The illuminati is already making the minds of people like Rihanna and Gaga really… blasphemous. No wonder, they become objects of slavery. You can’t blame them.

Well, just in case roxyisferox would blog about this, I hope she blogs about this. She could explain it better than I do.

To Roxy, you’re the one who could blog about Gaga’s being banned in South Korea and Indonesia. Haha, I really cannot blog about the Illuminati thing, and please let the Indonesian people and the Koreans be informed why they had the guts to ban her. (;


One thought on “Me reaction at GaGa’s ban at Indonesia and S. Korea

  1. I will write about Lady Gaga and the fuzz on her May 21-22 concert. It’s just that I am having a hard time finding time to write on my RoxyIsFerox blog. Regarding ban in S.Korea, she was NOT acutally banned. It’s just that people under 18 are not allowed to watch the concert. Sa Indonesia, yes. Muslim country kaya iyan, and mas mahigpit ang mga Muslims kesa… sa mga Catholics kaya.

    As for her concert, wala naman problema kung mag-concert siya jan. Mag-concert siya jan, kahit pa magtatakbo pa siya ng hubad at magtutuwad sa kahabaan ng EDSA eh. On the same token, I understand what the Christian groups are ranting about. Hindi maganda ang mensaheng ini-impart ng JUDAS. Kung panonoorin mo ang ALEJANDRO Music Video, marerealize mo rin at how Gaga rejected the holy trinity in favor of the dark lord. It is not needed to mention how bad has she transformed since The Fame days. At least nung time na yun, kahit weird ang suot niya, makikita mo ang sophistication sa kanya.

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