AA Klenk the cult leader 5

Roxy said:

Acting sweet won’t hurt, dear. It even hurts when you act bitchy when you are about to start your career in showbiz na wala ka pang napapatunayan.

Kaya mo ba ‘yun, AA!? Look at the tunay na prangka’t palaban. They started acting sweet or funny. Marian Rivera? She acted sweet, and at the same time humorous. Me humor ka ba jan!?

…and just in case yer wondering all o’you guys…

What got you to showbiz? I am sure you did not earn your fame your OWN way, but because you are Ara Mina’s sister.

Tama! HAHAHA! Acting sweet is the first thing a person should do, and lemme reiterate: Acting sweet doesn’t make you plastic! Got it!?

Kung palaban ka, hindi lang sa Twitter mo ilabas. Hindi lang sa text. Prove your being spitfire by revealing yourself thru showbiz talk shows.

AA, truth is, you’re a coward! You can’t even be the spitfire on TV, although people would see you as EVIL! Eh LIAR ka naman kasi. Putcha! IW! Growwwws! YAK!

It’s really sad to see me fella Anti-AAdiks to interfere the business of the AAdiks. Actually, lemme tell you something: AAdiks should be thankful hindi ako pakialamera. Kung sila man nakikielam, well, hindi ko na problema ‘yun. Sila lang talaga ang mahilig tumanggol sa isang tao na me kwestyonableng ugali.

I won’t believe all reporters will gonna believe with her (AA) ridiculous statements because Mommy Divine is bantay-sarado towards Sarah since she started her singing career in teens.

Alright, I do not like Mommy Divine (but NOT despising her) because she’s a manipulative Christian fanatic jezz like the delusional woman in The Crime of Padre Amaro, but you can’t blame her for that. Siguro lang naman kasi, she’s not the type of person you’d like to talk to. Well, at least she has a point about AA’s statements, and Mommy Divine’s comment? She uttered that it was ALL LIES.

Even Rayver Cruz attested kung gaano kahirap pasukuin si Sarah Geronimo.

Well, confirmed naman, eh. Si AA ang mang-aagaw, at pinagbibintangan pa niya ‘yun sa iba. Ayos lang siya!? Kaya poor Rayver talaga, eh.

Kung si Mommy Divine nga, pagsasabihan lang niya si SG kung me ginawa siyang mali. So to those na napansing suplada si SG, don’t worry, at least si Mommy Divine naman ang bahala diyan, hindi ba?

Overshadowed by the two other issues… what now?

Hangga’t hindi pa nalalaos si AA, me advice to everyone is: Don’t watch DSP and worship her looks kasi synthetic naman lahat ‘yan, eh. What makes her skinny, huh? Probably diet pills, para lang ma-maintain ‘yung kanyang sickly figure.

Why does Sarah had to apologize while you are the one who made it far? Also stating Sarah”s supposed rendezvous with different guys is just insipid (Saan mo napulot iyang storyang iyan? Para naman ikaw, hindi malandi).

I feel for Sarah. Dahil masyadong value-laden ang Popstar, hindi niya kayang yumabang, kahit konti lang. Ms. SG, kung ako sa sitwasyon mo, hindi ako hihingi ng tawad d’yan sa bruhalitang ‘yan. Siya ang mag-sorry.

…and don’t gemme started with the move-on thingy. Pati ba naman si AA, babalikan pa niya ang issue kung sawang-sawa na ang taong makarinig ng old issue, hindi ba?

Cristine, you started all those shit. You fix it. Deal with it. Nobody will help you, because you, yourself alone started it all, and made the small thing bigger. Hindi porke’t na-overshadow ‘yung isyu mo sa mga gulpihan, bugbugan issue, well… papano kung nabugbog ka sa mga kaibigan nina Carlene, RR, SG, or worse… Pauleen? Papano kung napaaway ka ke Maja o di kaya ke Alex? Hindi ka makapalag, sigurado ‘yan!

Do you think DOS should tolerate your bastos attitude? I hope NOT. To those who think that AA is a frank and feisty person, I think you’re narrow-minded. To those who think that AA has a mean attitude, they are critical thinkers. Do you think a person is “transparent” kung nao-offend siya sa isang joke against him/her but enjoys insulting others!? OH, sa’n ka pa!?

AA is actually proud of her RUDE attitude. Period.

Anong, “..but I’m TRUE” ang pinagsasabi mo ha!?

“Fake” is IN AA’s vocabulary. In fact, she is more than pretentious compared to the “plastic” artista in general. I feel sorry to the guys who have a crush on her… well… Daniel Padilla is on my watch list na rin… Roxy, look! Daniel likes not only CR, but also Mariel! HAHAHAHA! Wala siyang taste rin, just like Robi Domingo! HAHAHA.

I don’t get it why people crush someone who is bastusin.

Interview: What comes into your mind when you hear the name, Cristine Reyes?
My answer: Bastusin! If I were a guy, I won’t court someone like her. HAHA, thanks na lang, I don’t date a sex toy.

Alright, input natin ulit ang character sa O.M. (Kei Hirata). If he were to know CR for real, he might as well say, “Maybe I’m the only young star who doesn’t have a crush on a sex toy. Sorry guys.”

OHA!? Kei Hirata of Osaka Monogatari won’t ever court someone like AA Klenk. Hello!? HAHAHA, share ko lang sa inyo guys: Siya ang naging topic sa sexual objects in one class. Kaya… well, no comment. I didn’t laugh though.


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