Lea Salonga’s comment to Anne Curtis: It isn’t actually a negative remark

Idol ni Anne Curtis si Lea Salonga, and I have to assume that inspirasyon ni Anne ang idol niya kahit hindi siya ganun kagaling sa pag-awit.

However, Lea said, “What singer? Could you check your ears, please?”

It may sound haughty, but not really. Lea is already an established artist, so expect that she will give a remark, whether it is positive or negative. You may compare her to Simon Cowell, but with Simon, it is understandable. He IS a music critic, and if he gives a positive remark, he thinks that you’re REALLY GREAT. That’s how he gives a remark.

As for Lea, artists who work hard for their craft should feel insulted when people think of themselves as singers, but doesn’t have the voice to do so. HAHA, I do not consider myself a singer, but come on! I may have the voice, but not really. The K-Pop management should at least, learn a thing or two from the Broadway songstress.

Well, between Paris Hilton and Scarlett Johansson, I think Paris CAN sing although she doesn’t have a very great voice. Shuma-Sharon lang, ah. Sharon Cuneta is a singer, but that’s because she CAN sing, but her voice isn’t as great as Lea Salonga or Regine Velasquez.

You may cringe for Lea’s haughtiness, but you can’t blame her for that. For one, she grew up in a batas-militar environment. She’s an Ateneo graduate. Everything. Hindi lang basta-basta sosyalin ang background niya. AND her work ethic is also very strict as well. Dunno kung structured, but if you think it’s structured, well… so be it. AND lastly, she wasn’t raised in an Asiatic environment (well… Asians are known for being indirect and err… very mum about their real thoughts unlike Westerners, who are really frank and direct about their thoughts).

BTW, conceited is used to someone who insults other talented people. As for Lea, she is just… haughty, but like what I said, you can’t blame her for that. Ni Willie Revillame o si AA, pwede na niyang laitin, eh!


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