AA Klenk analysis

AA is a slut

Alright, so I had a terrible dream again. Me momma and I argued about AA Klenk. I was arguing that AA is a rude, flirt and err… shit-headed slut. “What is frank and feisty to you if she cannot even admit her surgeries?”

Other stars who underwent surgery are very honest with their nip tucks. Yeah right, as if AA had a real nose, skin and tits. AA is a slut. Period. She’s worse than polymer.

Overall Evaluation

AA became famous simply because of issues.

Of course, she projected herself as a slut who seeks for attention. So, whatever the chink lambasted me, it is in AA, not me.

AA said, “Come on! As if you’re nice off-cam.” In her YES Mag feature, spoilers show the disturbing interview– don’t get me wrong. The interview is very disturbing is because, she has an attitude problem (I mean, personality disorder) that no one could understand.

Narrow-minded people think she’s frank and feisty, but check out her tweets and text messages– is that what you call a civilized person? If you’d notice how I rant, it’s a product of critical thinking.

I’m not saying that AA is worthless, 100%. What I’m trying to say is that, AA does not fit in the frank and feisty people. Also, she does NOT take responsibility of her actions (e.g., catfights). I’m not saying that I am a critical thinker; what I’m trying to say is that, it’s the giant TV networks that manipulate people that AA is an angel. BOO.

AA’s interview was indeed, very much disturbing is because:

1.) She’s extremely haughty, rude and evil. Her conceitedness is much worse than those who started acting sweet.

2.) She has a personality disorder, NOT just attitude problem. Usually, people with attitude problem can still change, but people with personality disorder cannot be treated.

3.) AA’s PD is still unknown, but according to Roxy, she suffers from pseudologia fantastica. Usually, true people are free- thinkers, which AA cannot even observe.

4.) She is proud of her mean attitude. Well, who knows, she’s a spoiled brat.

5.) Being honest means admitting their surgeries. AA cannot even admit her nosejob, boobjob and bleaching. People who criticize her are NOT reality-blind.

CandyMag + Chalk POVs

Since she is of the same age as Taylor Swift and Daniel Radcliffe, I’d say that being featured in CandyMag/Chalk needs an almost-clean record. Since AA is viewed as a slut without morals, she cannot be featured in those high- standard magazines. Also, she cannot be featured in endorsements.

International Reactions, etc.

Perez Hilton might accuse her for being a monarch-programming slave, while the Japanese might think she’a the old Sasaki Nozomi who does enjo-kosai and competes with Maria Ozawa. In China, she can never be welcomed. In S. Korea, she’ll have NO choice but to commit suicide. In Muslim countries, she might be banned or placed in a bartolina and ban her movies. In the music industry, however, Lea Salonga might call AA a feeler, but Simon Cowell would make it worse.

Haha, not even Kei Hirata of Osaka Monogatari would approve her.

Please be reminded that this was a note from… Nelly.


One thought on “AA Klenk analysis

  1. Hmmm… I don’t think PerezHilton won’t use the term MONARCH PROGRAMMING SLAVE. As I’ve reminded you earlier, that term should not be used just to slam people manifesting sex kitten personality. MONARCH PROGRAMMING is too complicated to be learned at to be talked about. If you visit Secret Arcana Website, or Google a book HOW THE ILLUMINATI CREATE A TOTALLY UNDETECTABLE MIND CONTROLLED SLAVE by FRITZ SPRINGMEIER & CISCO WHEELER, you will realize that MONARCH PROGRAMMING SLAVE is not the right term to lambast people with mood switches. Para ka kasing nambato ng term na ‘Autistic’ sa mga taong tingin mo me saltik sa ulo. Diyan kaya nalambast si Sonia Roco dahil ginamit niya yung term na ‘autistic’ sa mga kalaban nila sa 2007 Senatorial Elections. It’s just making Autism more negative, and mas nade-degrade pa lalo yung mga may autism.
    Besides, I don’t think Philippines has a very strong Illuminati infiltration like United States Europe and Japan. Slutty, yes. Perez would definitely use that. or SHITTY REYES.

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