The post-CUTTING of me relationship with the HW… hmm… what now!?

Of course, if the warfreak, Park Chi, Fhrese and “Salot” doesn’t know about this… well, they’d rather know this now or else… they might also be framed as hell. Gah, what should I say… like, preach them? Kidding.

Oops! Don’t be serious about this one! This is sooooo… heartbreaking.

[Note: If you want to issue a .doc file of the B.O.Y.S., err… you may register to Dropbox so that you’ll know. (;]

According to BOYS (yes, that is a Bob Ong kuno novel):

Sa D.A. naman, “natatakot” raw siya sa akin kapag ako ang gumagamit ng ganoong website dahil maraming mga critics na pahihiyain ka dahil sa mga artworks mo naman na… magaganda at well-edited. Pero marami namang mababait at etiquette-oriented—MALI nanaman si homewrecker dahil mas marami pa akong alam kaysa sa kanya…

Oo nga naman! Look at my friends in deviantArt right now! Mga veterans pati ang nagwa-watch sa akin sa dArt, and please take note that I do not force everyone to watch me in dArt if they’re NOT interested.

If you have to slap on my face that “Manual Mode is for the PROs only,” puking ina! Nagmamarunong/nagmamagaling at its finest, and err… the homewrecker should learn a shit or two.

Does homewrecker know the proverb, “Practice what you preach.”? I doubt, she learns something from it. Baka mamaya, na-buking na siya! ON THE SPOT pati, ah!

Okay, granted that maganda ang pakikisama namin ni homewrecker, pero deep inside, I just can’t help myself but at least try me best to understand her. Pero wala parin. I think we could only get along each other if there is such thing as FAIR SHARE, which know-it-alls failed to achieve. Anong use ng diyos-diyosan sa mga utol kung meron naman silbi ang relasyon ninyo, hindi ba? There is NO ROOM for feeling bossing, diyos-diyosan and superiority complex, because NOT even my idols like Antonello, AVO or maybe Alex de Rossi would brag about their achievements. Kung anong achievements ang meron sila, at least the media’s good side would back them up. Haha, not even the venerable Lee Young-Ae would brag about her doctorate shizzz since she does put some priority on a better job besides acting. Kahit sina Charlize Theron nga, hindi na nga kelangang ipagmayabang ang mga achievements nila. Although Charlize isn’t really much of a respectable actress in her native South Africa (yes, one account of a native South African stated that Charlize dissed her own country, which I think is dubious), at least everyone respects her for her lay-low approach, unlike other “pakawala” stars who just shove off to people that they’re the best (ahahaha! AA should learn a thing or two from Paris Hilton, or Nicole Richie! Although Paris is simply a spoiled brat, at least she learns her lesson, same with Nicole, who is doing her best to clean up her act after being a mom of two). Angelina may also be a tabloid favorite, but please don’t get me started on that. Despite her fame because of her notorious personal life, at least she has cleaned up her act, and she seemed approachable, even Jun Matsumoto would be happy to share his experience (HAHAHA, for the Maniston lovers out there, don’t be too judgmental!).

If the homewrecker is ignorant towards the introverts, jusme! Like her mini-me (ahahaha, yes, mini-me nga niya ‘yun, because pananalita pa lang, eh parang mayabang!), they worship the popular kids, EVEN THOUGH they don’t want to mingle with them. Sign of contradiction, hindi ba!? Well, most know-it-alls are known to be walking contradictions. Kung anong side ang isa-side nila, in the end, iba na pala, and usually, the opposite side pala. Gah, talk about being a basher, but at least I DO NOT NAMEDROP unless stated. Know-it-alls BTW are NOT introverts! They’re pretending to be extroverts, pero kung nakakaharap na nila ang mga popular kids (who are mostly plastic… ‘yan, ah, MOSTLY), they could not even utter a word or two. Wake up, guys! If the popular kids are the reasons why you exist, that is because you’re either rejected, or you simply cannot follow what they do. That is the problem when you are raised by manipulative folks. You develop insecurities, and wished to be someone else. To befriend the popular kids are often a headache to ordinary people. Granted, I have friends who choose to befriend people na hindi ko naman makakasundo (or probably those people who have an attitude that you won’t get along with), but this should serve as their warning that people that they make friends with is a result of their upbringing (usually, youngest of all children are over-appreciated, or sometimes given more importance than the eldest). If you make friends with quiet, reserved but fun to talk with people, much better. At least you are safe than sorry.

However, there are exceptions to the rule. Do you know the ironic theory of Hitler vs. Churchill? Churchill was a smoker, womanizer and a gambler, but he was a benevolent British PM, while Hitler on the other hand may seem to be a bad guy and at the same time, a villain, but he was a non-smoking vegan who is a loyal lover. Oh, sa’n ka pa? Whatever values these men apply to themselves, they sometimes spread the word to other people, but it is still converted into their ideological beliefs. I think Hitler has this sort of intelligence (or let’s say high IQ), so that’s why he’s a madman. Or maybe Churchill is a positive guy, so that’s why he is a good PM.

Granted that I dislike smokers (hahaha, the “chink” ain’t spared either), but some of them are FAR more approachable (alright, smoking removes stress for some, ok?) than those who are “clean,” yet have superiority complex. NAKO, the former is far MORE OKAY than the latter, hindi ba? What is having a clean record if you’re arrogant and having this sort of SC, right? I’m not saying that people having a bad record has to mean that they have a bad rep, but usually, these people achieve better than everyone else.

I’ll take character over reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

These are the words that AJ Perez said on his Twitter bio. However, this “rule” doesn’t have to apply to ALL people. There are some exceptions to the rule, and I do not need to mention it is because… it is already there in me previous blog posts. You may check it out for yourself, if you’re not lazy enough to read.

Tama nga naman si Antonello, hindi ba? If you’re actually a smoker, womanizer and a gambler, you might have been a good person to everyone. Alright, I have relatives naman who are “pakawala,” but this doesn’t have to mean that they DO harm. In fact, they’re actually very nice people, and of course, I have this sort of cousin-in-law who was slammed for being a “liar,” but it’s not her fault if she was victimized by her ex-hubby who happens to be a big jerk!

Moral of the story: DO not listen to know-it-alls. Somehow, they make your life miserable. AND they don’t benefit introverts! They benefit the popular kids and at the same time, pessimistic people!

The story, is not yet over. Now let us try to analyze AA’s former bio:

PROUD BAD GIRL! Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us.

If I were not mistaken, AA is a proud bad girl, to the extent that she is doing some mischief to make herself famous, which is WRONG!

I bet some know-it-alls and popular kids admire her bitchiness. They think she’s a goddess, but truth is, she’s NOT a goddess. Ang mga katulad pa lang niya, kamura-mura na. Effing shiz nomon, when she was visiting a cancer patient featured in Ako Ang Simula, it was just a simple gimmick. Is it necessary to show to everyone that you’re helping someone!? Talk about damage control. It’s obvious that pinagtatakpan lang siya ng DOS is because they glorify her for the free f*ck? Probably yes.

OO, libre lang makipag-kan2tan sa kanya, and just in case someone goes to JAIL (well, a politician, maybe), they might give her a million pesos if she dances “Igiling-giling,” according to samshancody. And where does the 1M Pesos go? To her Vicki Belo escapades. Although Vicki Belo is a dermatologist by actual profession, she has a group of doctors who do the retoke thing.

Can’t get it… why is she still being glorified by netizens!? Guys, you are glorifying someone who is a Barbie Doll, NOT an actual human being. Mayabang na sa mayabang, but she’s already a skeletor! Kumi-KIM CHIU na kasi, eh. Pati ilong, pumangit! Pati boobs, eww! HAHAHA! If AA never had any retoke, she might probably BEG in the streets for money… or have sex with someone, right!?

HAHAHA, I’m sooooo bad!

Even other stars are following AA’s lead… well Iwa is a poor soul, following the example of AA, degrading Jodi or somewhat used by Pampi. Este, uma-AA si Iwa, and Jodi becomes SG. Of course, Jodi is GREAT ENOUGH to make patol of a cheap-ass attention whore like Iwa. Even Alessandra’s opponents like Jennylyn and Rhian cannot even degrade Alex like what Iwa did is because, Alex is an established artist. Jodi is also one, but not as exposed like Alex. Call Alex an arrogant and somehow, palengkera, but it’s only that people are simply butthurt enough to listen to her comments. Sabihin nating prangka si Alex, but her mom is trying to stop her from opening her mouth excessively. Seriously, that does not help either. That’s the reason why I disliked Alessandra at first. Bungangera. Walang ka-finesse magsalita, but you’ll soon appreciate her for behaving well. At least nag-behave na siya, and remember their supposed fight with Heart Evangelista? She was even joking about it, that they should ask Heart na lang since it’s a matter of privacy.

Hahaha, sawayin na nga ni Alex si Iwa, but rather not. Alex never started any fight, it’s just that masyado lang siyang totoo (well unlike AA, for sure)… and maybe know-it-alls will cringe at her for her direct honesty.

I really do not care if people say that I am out of topic. Sinabi ko na lahat ang masasabi ko. You know, stream of consciousness… and this SHOULD not hinder you from writing more posts!


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