HAHAHA, don’t tell me I cannot get over with the homewrecker incident. I think AA (or Iwa) should learn a thing or two.

1.) “Will you please call me ATE!?” is one painful thing. HOY! Akala mo naman kung sino kang umasta, ah!? Granted that addressing your elders is a must, but let us take note that in college and in the corporate world, there is no need to do so. You call someone miss, mister, and mrs.; madame or sir; only the proper way of addressing is only for high school/grade school. Also, in college people will think that you’re making them look older. “Ate” or “kuya” is only applied when they’re the parental type of people.

2.) “People in deviantArt are not nice.” So, masarap pala akong lokohin!? Ironically, you support the popular kids, and probably your kapwa know-it-alls. Why can’t you mingle with the popular kids, eh!? Afraid!? Afraid that you might be rumored about this and that!? Pathetic. You only sound ridiculous.

3.) “The hell I care.” Miss don’t care, ignorance is a sin. Kaya mahirap kang pakisamahan, eh. Granted that you don’t mingle with the popular kids, but most know-it-alls (like you, haha!) think that “pabigat” lang ang mga introverts, especially those who are marginalized.

I’d say that you stole everything from me. Even from the beginning, and yet the admin err… supported it with or without their intention. Gosh, I think that sectioner of the FSH must be a crazy, delusional… criminal.

I don’t care if you want to rebuild something from the two of us; but definitely, you don’t want to be criticized badly, right?


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