Don’t EVER gemme started on yer so-called “pride”

The general rule is, “Practice what you preach.”

But it’s far better to say, “Follow what I say, but don’t follow what I do.”

Pride is what makes arrogance function. That way, either someone damages his/her own reputation, or someone starts to become a walking contradiction. Contradictions are only good in literary terms. But in real-life situations, it may kill, depending on the situation.

If you’re a devout Christian yet you hire Feng Shui people (not making any form of parunggit!), there’s nothing wrong with it. It may be a contradictory scene, but it’s like balancing one belief with another.

The problem with balancing your beliefs is that, you tend to make the 50-50 sort of like 25-75. Now what are you thinking, huh!?

Alright, allow me to rant, okay?

Pride comes when you forgot to practice your “preachings.” It kills, alright. It does kill, if used in a wrong way. When you exploit people you know, especially your own family for your OWN benefit, it is worthy to be saluted by the middle finger, if y’know what I intend.

Granted that I make friend with people who feel exploitation from their own family, but that’s because I could relate with them. Sabihin niyong me pakialam ako sa kanila, but how does it really feel if you’re exploiting someone for your own benefit, hindi ba? Na ang gusto niyong gawin sa sarili niyo ay maging remote control ng mamamayan… ano ba ‘to, bastusan, pataasan ng pride!?

Pride is only a trait. A trait that will kill relationships. If you’re exploiting your own family yet pleasing those who aren’t your relatives, you’re no longer valuing your OWN family. Putang inang gago ‘yan, oh! Kung sino pa yung mga umaasa sa kanya na kamag-anak, ‘yun pa ang mas bibigyan pa niya ng kahalagahan. Well, MOVE ON! I think you’re only mis-educated by your parent to do something which is wrong. Manipulating other people is like interfering the lives of other people. You’re like a colonizer, exploiting yer subjects. Hindi na ‘to panahon ng kolonisasyon, at hindi na rin ito panahon ng pagbabalat-sibuyas.

I bet domineering people won’t ever be proud of your race— n*ggas with exactly discriminating traits that will make people bad about themselves. It’s morally wrong, and worse, it damages your reputation. What now if people know the truth about your internal affairs, hindi ba? Papano kung hindi mo na alam, may galit na rin sa’yo? Hay nako, demure people still want to spare the lives of these manipulative people, but deep down inside, I think these manipulative people should at least, learn to handle themselves naman. Jusko po, inday! I know you’re feeling kampante when there’s a threat, but please, hindi ito oras ng gaguhan. Oo, sabihin nating defensive ako when it comes to blood relations, but you should know that exploiting people for your own benefit in an assertive way is just… wrong. That’s why I quit learning a martial art. I’m not interested at all. Tapos you’re still insisting that we should continue, because you know what!? The way you wanted us to push through this martial art is for your OWN benefit. Parang you’ll exploit us pa, para may ipagmayabang ka lang na ganito-ganyan, magaling si ano, ganito… well, we have our own minds, so please, don’t exploit us. Your pride signals you to do so is for your own benefit, and with your own benefit, you’ll brag it to the world. MALI ‘YUN. Learn to be nice to criticisms na rin, because fame does NOT teach you how to show some exploiting-type of pride, it teaches you to show compassion.

Call me pasaway, but yer selfishness goes below the belt. I think you’re miseducated at home. Sorry.

But no! I should not apologize, actually. It has to mean that if ever I did offend/insult you, because it’s true. When someone tells the truth at you (good or bad), you get mad, because when you tell something that does not please people, you’re enjoying it. But when someone else does that to you, you get mad. Ano ba ‘yan!? Nagbabalatkayo!? Gosh, I’m not being irritable right now, tingnan mo naman, tono ko pa lang, it’s like being diplomatic in terms of what? In terms of teaching people a lesson.

…oh please don’t gemme started with traumatizing you. Sige, traumatic nga kung ako pang ang mag-criticize pa sayo, but your pride swallows your character. Trust me, pride is like a black hole.

To paraphrase a quote (own version):

You may be one of the best people, but if you were to be respected, I have to question it. I may have mixed emotions, but try to have a fair share. Your achievements may be remarkable, but there is no need foa yew to show yer pride, because most of the time, arrogance doesn’t lead you to anything beneficial.

Okay, I am not angry. I am just annoyed. Being annoyed is far different from being angry. So, if you were to ask me, I am not going to be a cunt for life. I just don’t like the idea of people of being hypocrites. Being hypocritical is like lying to yourself. Alright, call me “totoong tao,” but I’m not really frank. Being honest may have similarities with being frank, but receiving over-appreciation does not define your pride. You have to swallow it. Sometimes, placing your feet on the ground would not please people, but at least show your worth if you must be treated with respect.

As for me, respect is having a fair share with decisions. Respect is earned, if you’re not going to shove your beliefs. I may be somewhat assertive, but please, I ain’t forcing you to hate one person if I hate him/her. If I hate, let’s say, Julia Roberts for lambasting Angelina Jolie, well, I ain’t gonna coerce you to do what I do, since I’m really not a fan of Roberts, or rom-coms.

You see, pride is present on people with a CLEAN reputation. Clean reputation, that people have their first and last BF’s, but please, remember that your past is a guide, not as something to cover. That’s why I applaud Angelina for not being ashamed of where she come from. That’s why she’s one of the people that I do admire, although there are things that I do not approve.

I won’t write any conclusion on this post. This is not a research material, and please don’t forget the fact that this is only a blog post, telling you guys that pride kills.

Tita Bisaya defines Friday the 13th!

Credits to Stephanie Ongkiko/Spanky Enriquez|Akala ko nga me dance number eh!

Seriously, Tita Bisaya! Hindi ka pa nag-aattend ng anger management seminar.

Friday the 13th pa ito naganap, ah. Tapos parang siya na ‘yung gumagawa ng isyu para lang mapag-usapan. Nakakahiya ka, ‘te!

I was CORRECT all along

Frank and feisty people are mostly people with no breeding and class, and are oftentimes irritable, which I find it immoral.

To ASHtray, before you rant and so forth, please learn a thing or two from Tita Bisaya. It’s alright for Tita Bisaya to rant, but being in a wrong place to hit an enemy is extremely rude.

Alright, I simply do not get the point why people admire such irritable people who rant (and express their thoughts in a raging manner), if they are well-known. Come to think of it, I’m not even a celebrity, but it’s alright for me to rant simply because I am really… NOT a celebrity.

People, this time, being too nice doesn’t make you a fake person. It only indicates that you’re civilized, and acting sweet doesn’t make you fake as well. NOW WHAT MAKES SOMEONE FAKE!? ‘Yung bait-baitan pero marami namang issue. You know who you are, hindi ba? (chos!)

Alright, I don’t want to elaborate the Pop Princess here, but since she has a “clean” image and doesn’t have much issues, it shows that she has good breeding, but sometimes when there is a fan account of her being not nice, well, her momma’s there to reprimand her.

Rosanna Roces used to be a palengkera, but she is not creating any issues anymore. In fact, she has changed, which I really do appreciate. If Rosanna was worse than Tita Bisaya, then the latter right now took her place! Osang’s bad reputation won’t ever be put into peace if ever another palengkera will emerge.

Will Dolphy ever forgive Tita Bisaya?

Well, just in case you wanna know about this dude, Dolphy had this good character that everyone likes. Possible, he will forgive her, of course– if Tita Bisaya would apologize for being unruly on his wake.

So Tita Bisaya, rather issue an apology before Dolphy’s burial. Your reputation may be tainted, but please, don’t make it dirtier by simply not asking for forgiveness to Dolphy and his family.

Another insane moment with this guy…

You know who you are, walking exhaust pipe!

As usual, when I search him online, NOTHING. But in person, the natural way of “admiration” is there again. Honestly, I don’t hold any grudges against you, but look, hindi na ako galit sa’yo. I’m not being desperate once more.

I really do not know if I should say a simple greeting to him, because simple plain admiration is not enough. Yeah, don’t call me a stalker because it only applies when I really search tags related with AA. However, if I really like someone, I “admire” that person.

As far as I know you are a big time liar! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

So are you tired from impersonating someone you hate!? Probably it would be a YES, because you can no longer tolerate your “admirer”‘s rants against you.

You started it all. PAK.

And don’t gemme started with your “I hate racist” thing. It’s not because you’re a halfie, but because you’re too dark. HAHAHA. I’m not saying that I’m as white as snow, but you only feel insulted when someone says the N word or someone who talks about race, or identifies one person as white or black is because you’re absolutely narrow-minded. HAHAHA, call yourself as intelligent, but inside, you’re a know-it-all, too! Identifying someone as “black” or “white” is not racist because calling someone “cracker” or the N word is racist. I do not call me-self as a racist, but if you think I’m otherwise, you suck dick. DICK, not ASS (FYI, the ch*nks are more racist than you think, well it should not include the guy right here hahaha).

[PS: Racism is NOT bad all the time. It may be socially BAD, but it’s not. Fundamentalism sucks dick, y’know.]

Your eyes are not big, ok?

Oh, and don’t forget that you still have to fall down onto your knees, because I bet you still like the homewrecker. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Come on, man. You still cannot get over when I called you a “ch*nk”? Because it’s true, right? LOL.

OH BTW, anything associated with the N word isn’t racist all the time. Negros doesn’t sound racist after all, if you delve into PH culture.

Dear “Salot”…

Alam mo kung bakit salot ka!?

Salot ka naman talaga, eh! Pakialamera pa!

Oo nga, tama ‘yung isang fwendship ko. Me ugali ka raw na hindi niya peg. Did you know when you are still salot in such a way that nakalabag ka pa ng “rule” na ‘yun, TWICE NA!? Well, no need to mention kasi baka mahalata pa ng iba!

Good thing nasa ibang bansa ka na. Okay ka sana, eh, pero parang pinatunayan mo lang sa akin na salot ka nga talaga… if not for that sectioner of that school na isang malaking sikreto. Etchos! Sikreto naman talaga dahil nga, baka masira pa reputasyon nila.

Badtrip talaga ako kapag nagiging kaklase talaga kita. Alam mo kasi, dapat lumipat na lang ako ng HS, kasi nga, pare-pareho kayo ni homewrecker na salot. Ngayon ko lang sasabihin, dahil dinadala mo pa ‘yung mga naging worst enemies ko as a form of trespassing. SALOT nga talaga, oo.

Sa admin ng second home na ito, abangan ang Extremes and Randoms. Kung rules pa kayo ng rules d’yan, lalong lalala ang sitwasyon niyo sa pagre-renovate ng reputasyon niyo.

Another Pete Ampoloquio article… hmmm… BI kasi eh

Sikat na sexy star di raw kagandahan, maputi lang

HAHAHA!Ang tataray naman ng mga madre sa eskwelahang dati-rati’y pinapasukan ng isang sikat lang sa telebisyong young sexy actress.

Sikat daw sa telebisyon lang, o! Hahahahaha!

“Since high school, pasaway na talaga siya,” so says our source in obvious reference to this fabulously gorgeous young sexy actress. “Her guidance counselor (a nun, naturally…Hahaha!) still remembered her cavalierly uncouth ways.”

Sang-ayon daw sa mabait na madre, this young woman gave her tremendous headache during her stay in an exclusive school in Kyusi.

“Imagine,” our friend asseverates, “aside from bringing cigarette and liquor in the campus, she, too, was spotted wearing a skimpy bikini inside the car. Hahaha!
Ang taray-taray talaga ng ate mo even before pa.

“Pero ang nakakaloka, hindi bilib sa kanyang beauty ang madreng kabeso namin,” intones our friend.

“She would always say with a straight face na she is not pretty, maputi lang daw. Hahahahaha!

Well, during her early years in the movies when her nose was kind of bulbous (she didn’t have the money for the kind of nose job that she had much later on) and she was plump, she was just an ordinary starlet.

“Wala ngang pumapansin sa kanya noon, di ba?” avers our friend. “Palagi kasing naka-flat shoes kundi man sneakers and was not very particular about make-up. Nito lang namang mapunta siya sa Star Network nag-improve ang kanyang aura at naging super flawless.

“Credit it to her almost weekly visit to her dermatologist who’s injecting glutathione to her skin to give it that flawless and satiny glow.
“Ang ate niya ang talagang flawless at maputi.”

‘Yun na!

Kaya rin daw napaka-flat ng kanyang abdominal area kahit tamadera siyang mag-exercise ay dahil sa magic ng plantsa sa kanyang tiyan. Hahahaha!

Bonggaderic din ang kanyang nosejob. As you guys must have noticed, di na kalakihan ang kanyang ilong. It has been tapered down considerably and is now more suited to a woman. Hahaha!

Pa’no na kung wala na ang siyensya? Would she still look ravishingly beautiful? Hahaha!

‘Yun na!

Mandarayang kagandahan. Hahahahaha!


Tito Pete, well all know that you’re making parunggit of AA! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ano raw ‘yon!? Prostitot since birth, and nagdadala ng cigarettes at pampalasing? GOSH, NO WONDER!

[PS: I will make a separate article about Pete Ampoloquio in me main blog.]

Halata namang OLD-looking si AA because nagyoyosi pala siya!? Hmmmm…

Nakakaloka talaga! Pati ba naman ako napapa-WOW ako sa iyong mga articles. No joke, nakakaaliw po talaga kayo!

AAsa Ka Pa

Wala ka ngang konsensya, ASA ka pa!
Halatang napilitan ka pa,
Dahil alam mong hindi ‘yan titigil,
Hangga’t hindi ka pa magbayad ng bill

Alam niyo bang mabaho ang kanyang bibig,
Siya pa ang bad breath, parang may ligalig,
Ang kabulastugang nagawa niya’y imoral,
Hindi ba siya pupulot ng aral?

Lumuhod na lang siya, kahit papano,
Pero sabi ng ate, “Luluhod para ano?
Para ba ito sa kanyang sariling kapakanan?
‘Di ba n’ya talaga ako tatantanan?”

Mataas kasi ang pride, hindi man lang nakunsensya,
Pero sabi ng tagahanga ni AA, “Dapat magpasensya.”
Ngunit siya naman, hindi man lang umayos,
Tuloy parin ang ugali niyang tumatagos.

Maawa ka sa sarili mong konsensya,
Ikaw na nga humihingi ng dispensya,
Ngunit heto ay para sa media hype,
Baka ito ang gusto ng iyong type.

Kaya dapat matuto ka nang umeksena,
Kung sakaling tuloy ang kaso,
Umayos ka na nga KASI,
Baka mabatukan pa kita sa ulo ng BASO

Isaksak mo na lahat ng sinuka mo,
Gumagawa ka pala ng isyung maamoy,
Dahil isa kang hitad, pakakak at pokpok,
Siguro ikaw na pala ay isang palaboy

Repeat Chorus