The PEP rage: People hating on Ara and teaming up with AA!? Grrr-ness!

Accuse me for being an AA hater, but who knows, I find Ara’s statements MORE credible than you haters think. Hindi naman sa kinakampihan ko si Ara, but I really do understand her situation. She’s the MORE hardworking one, and don’t you know that MALAYO ang narating niya sa showbiz?

She may have exposed her situation with AA, and people make batikos about “pare-pareho lang naman kayo, eh, washing your dirty laundry in public!”

At least Ara shared what really happened. AA was raised a spoiled brat, and to those who admire AA for being “frank and feisty,” are you dumb enough to realize that she’s worse than a typical plastic liar? She has no breeding, no class and her nickname is AA is because she was so dugyutin. Accuse me for being a hypocrite, but if you’d notice, I also have the same experience with AA, but not to the point that I am creating issues simply to be famous. Just in case you’re wondering, maraming tao sa totoong buhay ang mahilig makialam sa buhay ko. Haha, to the popular kids, lemme clarify this– to that Tumblr anon, the reason why I HATE those people is because, mahilig silang makialam, and that’s so sick. Sila ang taong showbiz.

Pantene commercial with Erich


I also dislike Erich… well, her attitude. I do not hate Erich, but simply dislike. At least Erich’s mean attitude and diva reputation isn’t as cringe-inducing as AA’s, and she’s not taken seriously in terms of controversies. Kumbaga, ‘pag me ginawang issue si Gancayco, mababaw lang ‘yon, unlike AA.

Sayang, Pantene pa ang shampoo ko, ‘no! Why should Pantene hire AA for a commercial!? They don’t even know what morality standards are, just like what Avon implements. S’yempre, na-cool off si AA as a commercial model, hindi ba? Wala siyang masyadong endorsements not until the Pantene thingy came. HAHA, I’d rather switch the channel when watching her shitty nose.

One commentor said that ABS-CBN should freeze AA’s career kasi nga, frosh (fresh in the Lasallienisch language) pa nga ang minds ng mga tao, even their conscience. Hindi ko rin ma-gets kung bakit sige lang bigay ng projects and ABS ke AA, eh. ANO BANG MERON SA PAKAKAK na ‘yan!?

I also pity Boy Abunda for “believing” in AA. Buti pa nga si Tita Cristy, marunong pang magbasa ng isipan ng mga tao, eh. Cristy Fermin is actually nice in person, well… ayaw lang maniwala ni Tita Bisaya. (Hmmmm… projection theory ba ‘yan!?)



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