Tita Bisaya defines Friday the 13th!

Credits to Stephanie Ongkiko/Spanky Enriquez|Akala ko nga me dance number eh!

Seriously, Tita Bisaya! Hindi ka pa nag-aattend ng anger management seminar.

Friday the 13th pa ito naganap, ah. Tapos parang siya na ‘yung gumagawa ng isyu para lang mapag-usapan. Nakakahiya ka, ‘te!

I was CORRECT all along

Frank and feisty people are mostly people with no breeding and class, and are oftentimes irritable, which I find it immoral.

To ASHtray, before you rant and so forth, please learn a thing or two from Tita Bisaya. It’s alright for Tita Bisaya to rant, but being in a wrong place to hit an enemy is extremely rude.

Alright, I simply do not get the point why people admire such irritable people who rant (and express their thoughts in a raging manner), if they are well-known. Come to think of it, I’m not even a celebrity, but it’s alright for me to rant simply because I am really… NOT a celebrity.

People, this time, being too nice doesn’t make you a fake person. It only indicates that you’re civilized, and acting sweet doesn’t make you fake as well. NOW WHAT MAKES SOMEONE FAKE!? ‘Yung bait-baitan pero marami namang issue. You know who you are, hindi ba? (chos!)

Alright, I don’t want to elaborate the Pop Princess here, but since she has a “clean” image and doesn’t have much issues, it shows that she has good breeding, but sometimes when there is a fan account of her being not nice, well, her momma’s there to reprimand her.

Rosanna Roces used to be a palengkera, but she is not creating any issues anymore. In fact, she has changed, which I really do appreciate. If Rosanna was worse than Tita Bisaya, then the latter right now took her place! Osang’s bad reputation won’t ever be put into peace if ever another palengkera will emerge.

Will Dolphy ever forgive Tita Bisaya?

Well, just in case you wanna know about this dude, Dolphy had this good character that everyone likes. Possible, he will forgive her, of course– if Tita Bisaya would apologize for being unruly on his wake.

So Tita Bisaya, rather issue an apology before Dolphy’s burial. Your reputation may be tainted, but please, don’t make it dirtier by simply not asking for forgiveness to Dolphy and his family.


Rudeness is not allowed

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