Mariel Termulo… hmmm… is she really very pretty in person!?

I really doubt YES, probably because of makeup.

As what roxyisferox stated (via nagmamareyna@tumblr):

And don’t gemme’ started with your so-called beauty. Malaki lang boobs mo.

This is really very much applicable to Mariel Rodriguez.

I agree with Roxy… but the person she is making parunggit to is… never mind. I won’t ever elaborate those things because I don’t want to start any trouble.

Actually, I don’t hate Mariel, but there are times that she went below the belt, and don’t forget, there are some angles where Mariel looks cute, but most of the time, she really looks OA. HAHA, pa-cute masyado, noh?

Also, I am really not gonna be proud to have a schoolmate like her. Why? Unlike her other fella Lasallites (example: Kitchie Nadal, Enchong Dee), she cannot even project a warm and welcoming image. Sabihin na lang natin na “cute” siya, but to think that she entered showbiz, dun dumating ang doubts ko. I was thinking if she’s well-off too, but turns out she wasn’t able to provide any information… well that’s it.

Now what really got her into showbiz? I really cannot say that being a Lasallian herself would be the reason why she’s in showbiz. But it’s a good thing she has shut up her mouth after marrying Binoe.

Yes, regarding Roxyisferox’s quote, Mariel is also boobsy. ‘Yung lang ang meron sa kanya. Period. Paragraph.

Update: Yes, actually not only one confirmed that Mariel looks ordinary… well, let’s see more about that. HAHA.


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