Don’t EVER gemme started on yer so-called “pride”

The general rule is, “Practice what you preach.”

But it’s far better to say, “Follow what I say, but don’t follow what I do.”

Pride is what makes arrogance function. That way, either someone damages his/her own reputation, or someone starts to become a walking contradiction. Contradictions are only good in literary terms. But in real-life situations, it may kill, depending on the situation.

If you’re a devout Christian yet you hire Feng Shui people (not making any form of parunggit!), there’s nothing wrong with it. It may be a contradictory scene, but it’s like balancing one belief with another.

The problem with balancing your beliefs is that, you tend to make the 50-50 sort of like 25-75. Now what are you thinking, huh!?

Alright, allow me to rant, okay?

Pride comes when you forgot to practice your “preachings.” It kills, alright. It does kill, if used in a wrong way. When you exploit people you know, especially your own family for your OWN benefit, it is worthy to be saluted by the middle finger, if y’know what I intend.

Granted that I make friend with people who feel exploitation from their own family, but that’s because I could relate with them. Sabihin niyong me pakialam ako sa kanila, but how does it really feel if you’re exploiting someone for your own benefit, hindi ba? Na ang gusto niyong gawin sa sarili niyo ay maging remote control ng mamamayan… ano ba ‘to, bastusan, pataasan ng pride!?

Pride is only a trait. A trait that will kill relationships. If you’re exploiting your own family yet pleasing those who aren’t your relatives, you’re no longer valuing your OWN family. Putang inang gago ‘yan, oh! Kung sino pa yung mga umaasa sa kanya na kamag-anak, ‘yun pa ang mas bibigyan pa niya ng kahalagahan. Well, MOVE ON! I think you’re only mis-educated by your parent to do something which is wrong. Manipulating other people is like interfering the lives of other people. You’re like a colonizer, exploiting yer subjects. Hindi na ‘to panahon ng kolonisasyon, at hindi na rin ito panahon ng pagbabalat-sibuyas.

I bet domineering people won’t ever be proud of your race— n*ggas with exactly discriminating traits that will make people bad about themselves. It’s morally wrong, and worse, it damages your reputation. What now if people know the truth about your internal affairs, hindi ba? Papano kung hindi mo na alam, may galit na rin sa’yo? Hay nako, demure people still want to spare the lives of these manipulative people, but deep down inside, I think these manipulative people should at least, learn to handle themselves naman. Jusko po, inday! I know you’re feeling kampante when there’s a threat, but please, hindi ito oras ng gaguhan. Oo, sabihin nating defensive ako when it comes to blood relations, but you should know that exploiting people for your own benefit in an assertive way is just… wrong. That’s why I quit learning a martial art. I’m not interested at all. Tapos you’re still insisting that we should continue, because you know what!? The way you wanted us to push through this martial art is for your OWN benefit. Parang you’ll exploit us pa, para may ipagmayabang ka lang na ganito-ganyan, magaling si ano, ganito… well, we have our own minds, so please, don’t exploit us. Your pride signals you to do so is for your own benefit, and with your own benefit, you’ll brag it to the world. MALI ‘YUN. Learn to be nice to criticisms na rin, because fame does NOT teach you how to show some exploiting-type of pride, it teaches you to show compassion.

Call me pasaway, but yer selfishness goes below the belt. I think you’re miseducated at home. Sorry.

But no! I should not apologize, actually. It has to mean that if ever I did offend/insult you, because it’s true. When someone tells the truth at you (good or bad), you get mad, because when you tell something that does not please people, you’re enjoying it. But when someone else does that to you, you get mad. Ano ba ‘yan!? Nagbabalatkayo!? Gosh, I’m not being irritable right now, tingnan mo naman, tono ko pa lang, it’s like being diplomatic in terms of what? In terms of teaching people a lesson.

…oh please don’t gemme started with traumatizing you. Sige, traumatic nga kung ako pang ang mag-criticize pa sayo, but your pride swallows your character. Trust me, pride is like a black hole.

To paraphrase a quote (own version):

You may be one of the best people, but if you were to be respected, I have to question it. I may have mixed emotions, but try to have a fair share. Your achievements may be remarkable, but there is no need foa yew to show yer pride, because most of the time, arrogance doesn’t lead you to anything beneficial.

Okay, I am not angry. I am just annoyed. Being annoyed is far different from being angry. So, if you were to ask me, I am not going to be a cunt for life. I just don’t like the idea of people of being hypocrites. Being hypocritical is like lying to yourself. Alright, call me “totoong tao,” but I’m not really frank. Being honest may have similarities with being frank, but receiving over-appreciation does not define your pride. You have to swallow it. Sometimes, placing your feet on the ground would not please people, but at least show your worth if you must be treated with respect.

As for me, respect is having a fair share with decisions. Respect is earned, if you’re not going to shove your beliefs. I may be somewhat assertive, but please, I ain’t forcing you to hate one person if I hate him/her. If I hate, let’s say, Julia Roberts for lambasting Angelina Jolie, well, I ain’t gonna coerce you to do what I do, since I’m really not a fan of Roberts, or rom-coms.

You see, pride is present on people with a CLEAN reputation. Clean reputation, that people have their first and last BF’s, but please, remember that your past is a guide, not as something to cover. That’s why I applaud Angelina for not being ashamed of where she come from. That’s why she’s one of the people that I do admire, although there are things that I do not approve.

I won’t write any conclusion on this post. This is not a research material, and please don’t forget the fact that this is only a blog post, telling you guys that pride kills.


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    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding knowledge so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

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