Dear Mother of Divine Mercy, for crying out loud, read Amy Chua’s memoir!

I am not in any way, referring to Mother Mary. OKAY!? I’m not being blasphemous here, I’m being literary in some context.

As for Amy Chua, I really applaud her for being very honest about her days as a Tiger momma, but hey, I think she has changed.

But to tell you the truth people, Mother of Divine Mercy (yes, Momma Divine! haha) should read Amy Chua’s novel. That way, she’ll realize how far she could be a “security guard” to Sarah Geronimo’s love life.

It won’t ever be new to me when Sarah becomes openly rebellious. If that happens, I would tell Sasa, “OMG, I think you’re being fierce now. Keep it up!”

So, why Momma Divine would ever be so bantay-sarado over Sasa?

1.) Sasa’s childish. Weh!? A person could still be childish yet careful. Yes, careful to the fact that nothing would happen, although there’s such thing as no perfect relationship.

2.) “First and last boyfriend” is a rare thing. It takes true trust, loyalty and of course, strong friendship to maintain that. I think Divine Mercy wants that to happen to Sasa, like, “Anak, dapat whoever is your first boyfriend, he should be your last.”

HELLO!? First and last boyfriend is only for the domineering people, so I understand that Sarah is too demure… because of your tight ways. She should learn to be a domineer… ON HER OWN. No dictations, please.

3.) Momma Divine’s a Christian fanatic, frankly speaking. Look at the Sasa-Reber issue, YES! Mag, ah! Mother of Divine Mercy would mention that she’s religiously devoted, as if, “Lord, sana makahanap ng true love si Sasa sa tamang panahon.” As if God will do everything– but please don’t forget, “Ang Diyos ang May Awa, nasa tao na ang gawa.” God will be the guide, rather than to dictate your life as if you hear a voice.

I think it’s time for Sasa to open up and be very honest. But first, she should say, “No offense…” and to the mother of divine mercy… sana makinig ka rin naman ke Sasa. It’s not all the time you’re the master of everything. Pati rin si Daddy Delfin napapadala rin po sa inyo.

But… who am I to be judgmental? But first, I’m not being judgmental this time. We know that Sarah is OLD ENOUGH to be on her own. She should learn on her own, be a domineer on her own (why not Momma Divine teach Sasa to be a domineer, huh?) and lastly, have very real friends? Alright, like what Roxyisferox said, Sarah won’t ever make bunyag of everything that should never be binubunyag.

Here’s the article.

Well I ain’t saying that Sasa is a role model to everyone, but at least she has a clean record. If she will have a dirty record, well, congrats! It proves that she isn’t a perfect person. She also proves that.

Quoting roxyisferox:

Kung may ginagawa man si Sarah behind closed doors, never na never niyang ibubuyangyang iyun like an open vagina.

Of course! Sasa is an ideal girl, and when she lost her title as an ideal girl, okay lang.

But to be honest with you, why can’t she have a hint or two from Sandara Park? Sandara may have been loathed because she used to be talentless, but now… where’s she now?

As for Sasa, I think she should open up right now. She’s on her 20’s, for the love of gawd!


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