Below the belt moment: No moar stupid dinosaur|Arrogance leads you to nothing, dude! Leave the poor dude alone!

I love you, you love me,
Let us go and KILL Barney,
With a shotgun, BANG BANG
Barney’s on the FLOOR,
No moaw stupid dinosaur

Seriously Mr. Robert errrrr… “Barney” CaraBARBERO (or CaraBOEBOE), I think you is below the belt.

Now what is up with you? Being rude to an enforcer because he is doing his job? Okay, I may understand yer statement/side, but your actions are not right. Yer arrogance is showing. Shame on you.

As usual, I have read his alma mater: Ateneo.

Rants against ADMU… again

I don’t want to generalize, but usually, most Ateneans are arrogant. Right, Papa Chris (CJ)? It just shows that ADMU people are also showing superiority complex, which is equal to those of the Maroon know-it-alls.

Yes, I had grudges against the ISKO place because most people there I think are know-it-alls. But that’s okay, because some UP people are actually down-to-earth naman, so I’d spare them.

But for Ateneans, I think there’s something really WRONG with the morals of ADMU. There’s some sort of hidden arrogance with your err… “pride,” because all I know is that, Ateneo is really a reputable school with very high standards.

NAH, I don’t wanna degrade Daigaku’s out there.

Back to topic

It only shows that this big fat-arse dude is arrogant. Dude, arrogance leads you to nothing! People will backfight you and criticize you… and all you earn is nothing but lambastments, because of yer behavior. Now stand yo fat-ass up, dude! Experienced executive ka pa naman, and most executives won’t ever show their stupid asses right in front of the crowd, nakakahiya!

Oh, and for the record, I think you remind me of Mariel Rodriguez’s days in PBB. Her actions are oh-so not Lasallista, and it’s like you know, nakakahiya!

What now if someone kicks you on yer nose!? Possibly you’re on a nip-tuck overhaul, with matching lipo! Poor you! Clean your ass up right now!


5 thoughts on “Below the belt moment: No moar stupid dinosaur

  1. actually, there are issues surrounding Ateneo that is not being aired… like rising suicide rate on high school students, and previous prostitution issue among college students. Yup, my dad told me na may nagpo-pokpok na taga-Ateneo.

  2. Congratulations on your sweeping generalization of people. Awesome. Ironic, for someone who keeps “lambasting” and using such tactless words, doesn’t that put into question your own morality?

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