TweetStalking: Is VIVA that desperate to revive AA’s damaged image and dead career at the same time?

Rumors say that VIVA will put put its talents if Cristine Reyes won’t be paired with Gerald Anderson.

TRUE or NOT, I think there’s a certain conspiracy right here. I think illuminati has plagued the Filipino society as well, especially in its entertainment industry.

Now what do you expect? Not surprising at all, if those goons are illuminati puppets.

WELL, only a hypothesis.

Casting couch won’t only be the answer why either AA or the two giant companies are desperate to revive her career again. Ano ba ‘to, gaguhan?

Alright, I have to admit. Again for the very nth time, I am morally-conservative. Whether you’re virgin or not, you should still prove your worth as a person, but if you’re no longer a virgin, and you still think it’s cool, I don’t really mind, for as long as you don’t act like an asshole. Really.

It’s a good thing that Hollywood didn’t ever gave Lindsay Lohan any more movie projects, or else. I think that’s because she’s still addicted to any shit she could get. If she doesn’t stop, she must be an illuminati puppet after all. I won’t get surprised if she gets out/off from the freedom train.

Another thing why I was teaming up with Paris Hilton during the time of their conflict — Lindsay Lohan stole everything from Paris Hilton, which is one thing that I believed in. Like, si LiLo pa ang tagasalo ng mga papables ni Paris, but when Paris made bunyag of LiLo’s kakangkangan, that’s where I said, “Finally, Paris expressed herself.”

But what Paris did was a WRONG move. She slut-shamed LiLo to the fact that she didn’t spare anyone at all. In fact, this made Mischa Barton state that Paris is a “man-stealer.” Now who’s the man-stealer, huh? Yeah, I defended Paris not because she is the first one (yeah first come first served shit) who got those guys, but at least she also learns her lesson at the end of the day.

Now shut up to those who think that LiLo is still awesome. That is past tense, for crying out loud. Okay, truce na sila with Paris again, but that’s because it was a misunderstanding.

Granted that Paris is a slutty warfreak, but that’s about it.

I think AA should learn something from LiLo. Papano kung may sex video pala siya, and at the same naka-singhot pala siya ng drugs? Not again surprising, but if she becomes a pulubi, nako, puro rambulan na ang issue jan!

To ABS-CBN and Viva:

You deserve someone better like CR/AA aka the slut. Stop delusioning, fantards of AA there, she sucks!


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