ABS-CBN, prepare for your downfall

traveladventures.org|ABS-CBN, you’ll end up here when you meet your downfall.

Seriously, you know why I hated ABS-CBN management? You know who are you worshipping?


If you’re desperate enough to revive AA’s career, you’re going to allow her to make hatak of other people’s career down. Mga walang hiya kayo!

You may accuse me of libel, but I don’t give a f*ck anyway. Seriously? AA!? If you’re that desperate I suggest you have to file for bankruptcy instead.

Tama ba, bashing101?

People are smart enough nowadays to evaluate whether AA deserves more ratings or not. Truth is, SHE DOES NOT DESERVE IT! She deserves to be laos, she deserves to be trashed away. I dunno why, but maybe she still does not stop performing fellatio to people.

To AA, nobody is envious/jealous of your very ordinary face! So you have the right to remain silent!

Guys, people are smart enough not to watch AA’s teleserye. She does not have a super solid fanbase (all I know is AAdiks, for sure is the most super solid) because she proves that she is someone to be dissed.

Cristine, rather clean up your ass. If you deserve to be on TV again, don’t make yourself an airhead or else, you’ll be mobbed. However, no one will ever dare watch your series. Baka aabot lang sa Episode 6 yan. (;

Rihanna’s tattoo… me take


Seriously? Really not good. It isn’t attractive at all, unlike Asia Argento’s angel tattoo:

See? Asia’s tattoo is really bad-ass! Wonder if some guy will have this tattoo? I’d say, “YOU’RE FREAKING HOT!”

However, I really don’t think tattoos below your navel is really a good idea. It looks slutty to me, but if you’re really a bad-ass, make sure you’re not Rihanna. It sucks to have tattoos that are in the wrong placement.

Well, if your ink is located on your ASS, don’t be ashamed of it! After all ass-tats are BAD-ARSE!

RiRi, I think you should have placed it below navel. Isis looks cool and more bad-ass compared when you place it underboob! EWW!

Am I the only one who thinks about Andrea Del Rosario’s… reputation?

Seriously, in “Gulong ng Palad,” I really feel her character, but I don’t like her as the actress behind it! (But Anne Curtis’s Kara was better!)

About her reputation during her Viva Hot Babes days, di ba me alitan nga sila ni Maui Taylor dati? I think I sided with Maui despite looking like a slut in a rat’s aura. LOL correct me if I’m wrong, but I really doubted about Andrea’s reputation. Promise, I don’t think she got a career ever again because of those issues. (Idagdag mo na rin si Gwen Garci)

Also, she looks like Gelli de Belen! HAHAHA, so to speak, Gelli also has this reputation of being palengkera RAW and I dunno… she’s homely on TV but in person she looks decent, but not so stunning. However, the former at least has good looks naman, but not very stunning.

Pero infairness sa kanya ah, she chose to reinvent herself but I really do not know if she’s still as popular as other stars out there, eh… (of course, being a mother and at the same time an entrepreneur, mas OK!)

Well, question, am I the only one who has doubted Andrea’s reputation or not(?). Correct me if I’m wrong.

Well-said! HAHAHAHA, kaya OUT na siya as partner ni Ge, hindi ba? Now justice is served for the Popsters and the Ashrald fanatics! \m/

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Nagmamatigas daw, ayaw pa ring mag-sorry kay Ara Mina

Siguradong sa mga panahong ito ay nahihimasmasan na si Cristine Reyes.

Huwag naman sabihing ganu’n siya kawalang-kunsensiya, may pagkakataon ding nagsisisi na siguro siya sa matinding pambabastos na ginawa niya sa kanyang ate Ara, sukdulan na ‘yun na maaaring magawa ng isang tao sa kanyang kapatid na mas nakatatanda pa.

Sa tindi ng mga salitang ipinakain ni Cristine kay Ara ay para siyang lumangoy nang pagkalalim-lalim na mahihirapan na uli siyang makaahon.

Galit sa kanya ang mga nagmamahal kay Ara, galit kay Cristine pati ang mga manunulat na tinawag niyang cheap, galit din sa kanya ang mga kababayan nating marunong maghiwalay ng tama sa mali.

Wala na rin sa kanya si Rayver Cruz kahit pa kung ano-anong pagdedenay ang kanilang gawin, galit na sa kanya ang marami ay nawala pa ang lalaking nagmahal nang todo sa kanya, pero mukhang hindi rin…

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So I really chose Canon over Nikon is because of its flexible lens choices (yeah, might as well plan to upgrade to a 60D if ever hehe)


…I resolved to get a DSLR (making my officemate’s prediction come true – this was July 2011, a mere 3 months since getting the S4000).  I began researching online on what good DSLR to get.  As with most would-be DSLR owners, there’s that point where I have to decide whether to get Canon or Nikon.  I’ve read many forums, articles, reviews, etc. and got the conclusion that they’re both good.

Eventually, I chose Canon.  Today, I remembered why I chose Canon over Nikon:

1.  Canon has a better service support here in the Philippines.  Nikon is serviced by a distributor, CDSC, who is notorious for bad service, especially for units purchased in the grey market.  Canon has a Philippine subsidiary and has several service centers.

2.  Canon has better and cheaper lenses.  Better in the sense that it has some lenses that Nikon doesn’t have (MP-E 65mm, TS-E 17mm, 800mm). …

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This is good news. Seriously, we don’t want a slut to be on TV again! Good move for ABS-CBN, ito ay bayan ng demokrasya! Dapat hindi bigyan ng project si AA or else… you know what will happen.

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Dahil sa dami ng lumalait at nagbabantang fans

MUKHANG hindi na tuloy ang pagsasama nina Gerald Anderson at Cristine Reyes.

Tama ba ang nabalitaan namin na nagpasya ang ABS-CBN na  huwag nang ipareha si Gerald kay Cristine?

Marami ang nag-react when rumors floated that Cristine will be Gerald’s next leading lady in a soap opera.

Mostly, ayaw kay Cristine ng mga fans. Sari-saring dahilan ang ibinibigay nila, kesyo hindi bagay ang dalawa, kesyo hihilahing pababa ni Cristine si Gerald, kesyo magiging nega na rin ang dating ni Gerald dahil kay Cristine.

Ang nakakatawa pa nga, may isang fan ang tila nagmakaawa sa Dos na palitan na lang si Cristine at ibang Kapamilya star ang itambal sa young actor.

Bakit nga kaya biglang nawala si Cristine sa next soap ni Gerald?

Ito ba ay dahil sa dininig nila ang kahilingan ng fans?

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Now what was the usual hype with Charlize and ScarJo?

Seriously, I know both Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron are attractive, but please, don’t get me started. If you’re going to ask me, the more enviable faces are like those of Gemma Ward, Emily Browning, Amanda Pemberton, Anna Faris, Rosa Kato, Michelle Trachtenberg and those who you wanna switch faces with.

I seriously do not know why everyone really is going ga-ga when they see Charlize or ScarJo as “attractive.”

Well not really ga-ga. One netizen even said that without the lips and the boobs, ScarJo would look like a man. I even asked a South African on Tumblr if she’s a fan of Charlize or not, and it turns out that she does not admire her at all (she said that Charlize disses SA, which I doubt). Well, I don’t hate both of them actually, but once you stare at them, turns out they’re not really enviable at all.

Not exaggerating right here, but if you’d notice, ScarJo’s face is too big for her height, like a rattle. Also, Perez Hilton didn’t like her “Falling Down” song. Gah, so much for that.

Like what James Carter said,

I’ll pretend you’re a very beautiful man with a perfect body.

Bombshell? For crying out loud, ScarJo isn’t really too seductive — classy, but that’s about it, but she doesn’t need to be skanky after all. However, she looks like Ruffa Gutierrez in some angles– man-looking, and that’s it!

With regards to Charlize, she’s really a good actress — from AEon Flux to anything else, but she sucked in Hancock. She can’t be comedic, for crying out loud! That’s why I got bored when her character revealed that she’s powerful!

For goodness’ sake, I don’t wanna drag Angelina Jolie here, but she seems overrated as well. But number one overrated people would be Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Jessica Simpson.

Side note: Paris Hilton looks hotter with a two-piece than Charlize, trust me!