On Georgina Wilson and her haughtiness

allvoices.com|There’s nothing spectacular about this gal. All legs and face, and that’s it.

Don’t brag, girl. We know that telling on the way you speak, there’s some sort of arrogance coming from you.

Unlike your friends Anne Curtis and Solenn Heussaff, at least they’re not elitista-looking. They’re masa-friendly unlike you, who is still looked up as sosyal na hindi jologs, and that’s about it. (Excuse me ah, pero mas sikat pa sila sa’yo.)

First of all, you’re simply like Bianca Manalo (I heard Bianca’s snob in person). Beauty queen na hindi pumatok kumpara sina Shamcey Supsup at Venus Raj. Sila? They know how to carry themselves well. Kayong dalawa ni Bianca? Nako, ang pinagkaiba mo sa kanya is that, ang bakya lang niya magsalita. Ikaw? Yes, granted your speech is refined, nakakairita. Mayabang pankinggan.

And don’t get me started with the fact that you’re the niece of Gloria Diaz. Her daughter, Isabel Daza, is at least more down-to-earth than you.

Another thing, you have NO talent. I never seen you act, sing or dance. Commercials? OK lang. Pero I don’t think you’re good in hosting too, because people in the forums observe that you speak in a monotonously cold manner. No, I don’t hate you, dear. BUT PLEASE, don’t be too kiss-ass to people who made better achievements than you.

We don’t give a f*ck if your looks are really foreign. Yes, you’re pretty, tall, and that’s about it. You’re smart and from Ateneo, and yes, I could say that you’re one of the stereotypical Atenistas who are arrogant and sometimes they would use their arrogance to think that they’re the king and queen of the world. Ikaw? Yes, you’re a queen. Well, in your dreams. It’s like your arrogance does not lead you to anything remarkable. Don’t brag, dude. You won’t be as kick-ass compared to Anne and Solenn (who are more talented haha).

Nako, napaka-narcissistic ng bruhang ‘to! Look what she did to Nora Aunor:

OMG. That’s so… shitty. Not funny at all.

Anyways, who are you to think that you’re the best in the world eg, Georgi? Kapal mo naman para mag-post ng ganito, ah!

Oh, BTW… people would say that she’s not really stunning in person. HAHAHA, if she were to be compared to the super ugly (and gay-looking) Alex Gonzaga, they’re simply the same bunch of pathetic famewhores who think they’re the best. AHAHA, I have heard Alex is too feelingera when she was at the mall one time. LOL.

Georgi, ‘wag kang mayabang. Hindi basehan ang talino at ganda sa pagiging mayabang. AND PLEASE, it should not be an excuse that yer arrogance made Guy look like this.


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